The Grey Tail

thump thump, thump thump

thank you everybody for the nice words about the old lad..

he seems a bit better after the IVs, medications, antibiotics, .. (he’d have been better without our neighbours’ cat breaking in this morning.. a cat fight isn’t exactly the best activity for him right now.. wtf)

the new hypoallergenic food is nasty, but it’s all he can eat.. we found out there is something he’s allergic to, and his intestine started attacking itself while trying to fight the poisonous food.. again, wtf!

there’s one upside of all these superexpensive exams.. I can show you his heart (which btw is doing very good) ..they had a hard time finding it, but finally seeing it beating was pretty cool, especially while hearing “there’s nothing wrong with it

now he’s on three different medications, but I might squeeze some stitching between naps, cleanings and laundry.. gee what a weekend..

– – –

thank you again

see you around,



3 thoughts on “thump thump, thump thump

  1. Glad to hear that he is doing better. We have been having a problem with our kitty also and the vet suggested that she may be allergic to chicken. So we have only been feeding her seafood flavors. She seems to be doing a bit better and then we also got a product called Biotene for her mouth sores and that has been working wonders. There is a gel for on her gums and a spray for in her water. In just a few days, she is much better. Here is hoping that Grey Tail is doing much better very soon! Hope you some time to relax and stitch.


  2. Sono contenta che il gattino stia meglio :-)…e sono sicura che, grazie alle vostre cure ed attenzioni, piano piano si riprenderà completamente!!!In bocca al lupo 😉


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