The Grey Tail

the old pal

sorry I didn’t get back to you before..

I took me some time to swallow the bitter news (really bad results from the old pal’s tests) and make up my mind.. in the end me and my sis decided to let him live the happiest days from now on, there’ll be less of them, but at least ones worth living..

his renal condition is shitty enough, we reckon it’s fair to spare him five days long IV sessions – alone in a cage all day – and all sorts of medications – 3/4 times a day – he never accepted willingly anyways (and this is underestimating the torturous process of making him swallow a pill or a liquid)

since I found him lurking in the kitchen more than 10 years ago, all I wanted for him was the best cat-life possible.. and I’d insist with all that’s necessary if there was a sense in pursuing this path ..but the results speak for themselves, I see him getting more and more tired day by day and I feel it’s right to respect him till the very end, even if this means spending less days with him..

I wouldn’t want that kind of life for myself, let alone one of my dearest friends..

– – –

I’ll come back to usual posting, I promise.. but you deserved some updates..

thank you all for the kind words, emails, calls, .. it’s so nice to have some friends’ pop ups during the day 🙂

let me welcome new viewers from Latvia.. sveiks!

I’ll be back on monday (and yes, there’ll be some stitching pictures.. finally!)

take care and a big hug to you all,



15 thoughts on “the old pal

  1. sending you (((huge hugs ))) you have both made the right decision but a very hard one … he is adorable but it isn’t fair to put him through all that as you say ….
    take care and give him a cuddle from me 🙂 love mouse xxxx


  2. Oh, Chiara, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I’ve been so out of the loop recently and behind with my blogs. Google Reader is still showing me 1000+ unread posts >.< My thoughts are with you. Hang in there.



  3. What a sad time. We had to do the same thing for my beloved schnauzer, Snowball, and it was a terribly sad time but in the end, the right decision. Sending hugs your way.


  4. I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading now and I’m so very sorry to hear about what you’re going through with your furbaby. I went through this several years ago with my cat, Patches, and I know just how difficult a decision this was. We did the same and let nature take its course. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.


  5. I’ve recently found your lovely blog and have enjoyed reading it. I’m so sorry for your sad news about your beautiful kitty. In your photos, he looks happy and very loved and you can be glad that you have given him a good life. It’s hard to know what to do, but your heart is in the right place! Thinking of you!


  6. Hi Chiara, I think that you have made the best decision for your the grey tail. It is best to let him live out his days in peace. So hard for you but the best for him. Furio, Milo and I are sending you and him lots of healing hugs.


  7. I’m so sorry to hear about this, Chiara. It must have been such a hard decision to make. Hang in there.

    Veronica ~ who’s still working through 1000+ unread post :/


  8. So sorry to hear about your beloved kitty! We went through the same thing with our basset hound almost two years ago. You were lucky to have found each other. It’s sounds like you’ve made the right decision. Hugs to you both.


  9. Oh, Chiara…I am so sorry. I still have dreams about my cat I lost about 15 years ago and wake up sometimes ready to cry all over again. But your decision that Grey Tail have the best cat life possible is for his best…you’re doing a great unselfish thing here, even though it hurts. Love and hugs to you!


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