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catching up (1/2)

after a lot of sad news, let’s shed some positive light on what I’ve been up to these days..

the other day I enjoyed the most delicious kebab I had in my entire life.. my sweet sis came home from school with one for me in her backpack, safe and sound (and still warm! – thank you aluminum :)) ..I swear it really made my day..! 🙂 I don’t know what it is with kebabs.. I tried my first one back in 2003 (bit doubtful at first I must say) and fell in love ever since.. there’s something in that spicy taste that I can’t describe.. but it restores something inside of me.. and brings that warm, soothing feeling of being home.. all wrapped up in that super delicious culinary creation that is a kebab..

ok, enough of this nonsense 🙂

another thing I did: last week I prepared all the envelopes for the RicamiAMO folders some lovely viewers & friends asked me to buy for them at the event in the castle of FormigineFili senza tempo (Timeless threads) I got 7 folders booked back in august, so I went to the PO last week and bought all the envelopes, written down almost all the addresses, so that monday 24th everything will be already set for shipping.. [note: in case I should spend less than expected on postage (it all depends on the weight of what you’re sending, and I couldn’t know this in advance), I’ll donate the remaining money to The Firefly and I’ll also post receipts for envelope costs and postage, so that you can see for yourself.. never taken care of charity things before, and I want to be as precise as possible :)]

last sunday, as I promised Grace I went to a traditional event here in the Riviera.. the Riviera Fiorita (Flowery Riviera), basically a particular sunday in september when people dress up and travel by boats and gondolas through the Brenta (the canal that divides in two many small towns between Padua and Venice) ..quite a journey, since they row their way down the canal! 🙂

they take a break at some point and have lunch at a wonderful restaurant, and then proceed along the canal towards Venice..

here are some pictures of the historical parade (I found a great spot for taking pictures an hour before it started.. unfortunately some annoying people decided to stand up right in front of me right when the boats arrived, and it was either being pissed off while taking less good-looking pics, or being pissed off while pointlessly quarreling with them.. I decided for the first ;))

then I spent a few hours (read days) I would’ve rather devoted to stitching cleaning, washing, mopping, dusting, wiping (and finally showering!) for I let my room grow into a huge mass of things covered by dust, dirty clothes and things I definitely won’t find when I’ll need them (the famous later I’ll put this in the right place – only to find out it’ll pop out of nowhere years later)

it took me two days of washing machine’s cargos to get rid of the three piles of clothes, towels, sheets, socks, .. a huge amount of paper waste and another (even bigger) of plastic I carefully separated – and then finally I changed the bed sheets and updated the blankets to fall/winter/spring mode.. quilts!! 😀

now this is not the traditional way Italians make the bed.. they usually have flannel sheets (gross) and 1000 useless super heavy blankets in Woolmark wool (hey it’s not comfortable.. but it’s Woolmark wool! yeah, but it’s not warm either..  but it’s Wollmark wool!!), one on top of the other, never covering you up from head to toes, so you get either sweaty feet & ice cold shoulders or vice versa.. on top of this they place smaller comforters that weight so much you feel almost buried under all that stuff – ok, the bed is the place you’re supposed to rest.. but not for eternity! 😉

that’s why I never embraced the Italian way of sleeping: too much pointless stuff.. and on the other hand LOOOVE those super light quilts that make you feel warm in about 1 sec, super easy to wash/dry/change/clip to each other in order to fit most of the seasons.. now that’s what I call sleeping! 🙂

so I’m really happy it was finally time to move to the light quilt I use during fall/spring.. (oh yes I am!) plus fall is about to arrive! now to me this is the best time of the year.. not only because october is my birth month 😉 but that’s when pumpkins arrive!! and I’m one crazy pumpkin addicted (oh yes I am!) matter how you cook it, I’m gonna luv it! 😀

we already had pumpkin soup (with and without barley), pumpkin risotto, pumpkin flavoured bread, .. and I’ll go hunting for nice huge pumpkins in a few days.. no need to tell you why..!! 😉

now the bitter thing is that I won’t be home for Halloween this year.. I’ll be away for work (and soon I’ll finally be able to tell you what exactly is my new job ;)) that’s why me and my sis decided to celebrate it all month long (Halloween never lasts long enough anyways) and speaking of Halloweenish stuff..

remember months ago I said I wanted to stitch Lizzie Kate’s mystery project Very Scary?? well, I booked this back at the beginning of may ..and received it last week!! can you believe this?!

now, this is what happened: when Gary from Bush Mountain Stitchery went to the PO to ship my first batch, the PO lady entered my postal code first, without realizing the package had Italy as destination.. now my local Italian postal code happens to exist as a US zip code too* (how lucky uh!), and that’s where the package ended.. not knowing this,  I waited and waited and waited wondering when the misrouted package would finally arrive.. after a month I informed BMS, which promptly sent me a second batch complete with everything (and by that time the second and third part had come out, so they added those too) ..once at the PO they checked the infamous lady from behind the counter and she was about to make the same mistake AGAIN!

they realized what happened, wrote me and eventually received the returned-to-sender first batch (which we realized never left the States in the first place!)

since the third part was shipped alone, and was therefore way lighter, it took only 5 days (with regular mail!) to arrive here.. can you believe this?? (I have postmarks to prove this..! ;)) the rest – part 1 and 2 – arrived the following day (sept. 7th), and were sent on august 28th.. all in all, if it wasn’t for that damn PO lady in Massachusetts I’d have had this months ago.. thank you mysterious PO lady, thank you for not paying attention to where the stuff you’re supposed to ship actually has to go..

anyways, the good news is that everything is finally here.. I saw the third part before every thing else (which kind of spoiled all the surprise and excitement) and I found myself wondering.. I waited this long, right? why not wait a bit longer and get the super cool silk version they made at The Attic?? 😀

I know this sounds crazy, but I love making my own version of things, and this time I’d have silks (which look superb!!) and a different fabric of my own choice.. not that what I received looks bad or anything.. but all in all, now that I lost the I-wonder-how-the-final-sampler-is-going-to-be least I want some of the surprise by changing things a bit..! 🙂

called for fabrics and threads for all 3 parts + 3 bonus charts

ok, this post is crazy long already, so I’ll keep on writing in another one and I’ll post it tomorrow.. there’s a lot more to catch up with! 🙂

– – –

thank you for following the tail so far

thank you for your lovely comments and emails, and most of all thank you for understanding the hard time and decisions that had to be faced..

see you around,


* of course I had to google this.. 🙂 and the other town having the very same zip code is Decatur, Georgia..!! – but in my case a huge ITALY in capital letters was written just below it..!!


10 thoughts on “catching up (1/2)

  1. Wow – now that’s an update! LOL LOVE the boating photos! I hear you on the light quilt – I use the same blankets all summer & winter, though will add my comforter over the top during the winter 🙂 But I can’t stand to be weighed down while trying to sleep!

    Glad your Very Scary Mystery FINALLY showed up – I’ll be curious to see what you do with it 🙂 Though, to be honest, it seems that BMS had enough issues trying to ship to people here in the States, too, so I don’t think I would recommend using them again – they seem to have a lot of excuses; the mail lady can’t be making THAT many mistakes, repeatedly. If you need something from here, holler – I can point you to a zillion other shops, who are near competent post offices 🙂


  2. Love the photos of the boats. That would really be something to see in person.

    Glad you finally got your Lizzie Kate. Will look forward to seeing your version.


    1. trust me, it looks way better in pictures.. 😉 but it used to be way cooler when I was a kid.. with bigger boats and a very long parade..
      they arrived an hour and a half later, exactly when the annoying people got in the way. ruining all the shots. and by that time all I wanted to do was going home 🙂


  3. LOL!!! You know, Decatur is about 15 minutes from my house. =) Silly postwoman…she is thinking, why would anyone be sending something to a FOREIGNER??!? LOL!!

    That boat parade is SO cool. Of all the jobs, I would like to be one of the ladies in the massive hats! =D


    1. now who said we live that far uh! we almost have the same zip code..! 😉
      you should have seen those dudes & their wigs.. you could tell they’d been waiting the whole year to dress up like that.. such posers! 😀


  4. Thank you so much for the glimpse of your life in Italy! I thinks it’s great to see how others’ live, and it was fun to experience through you! Best of luck on finishing the Lizzy Kate!!


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