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catching up (2/2)

I watched a few things lately and I most definitely have to deliver a good tantrum on how stupid the Italian dubbing process is getting lately.. now, back in the days when I was a kid I found equally good versions.. sometimes the Italian version even added something to the original, making it even funnier or coping with the translation so well, I actually preferred that one..

nowadays instead dubbed movies really piss me off, with jokes that totally miss the point, false friends misinterpretations which lead to really elementary mistakes, and all this kind of crap which makes me rather wait for the dvd/rental version instead of going to the movies (and mind that I do love going to the movies..)

but I have to put my commonsense aside every now and then, especially when a movie is such a blockbuster it’s meant to be seen in theaters, and let’s be honest.. I don’t want to have a movie theater in the house, I want to go to the movie theater to get out of the house from time to time!! 😉

that’s what happened with the last Batman episode.. now I won’t say anything about the plot (but since I read the comics, almost all the big turning points were already spoiled.. and others were honestly there for you to guess as if this was a movie for 5-years-old kids – which actually were at the premiere my sis and I went to 8/21) but I will say something about the voice they gave to Bane..

now, I’ve heard you Yankees had something to say about it too.. but trust me, nothing compares to the cartoonish bogus voice tone we had to put up with throughout the entire movie.. it’s the very first thing you hear (nice move WB, nice move..) and at first I thought hey, there must be something wrong with the speaker or something, they’ll fix this – they have to fix this – oh my gosh they won’t fix this, it’s for real!! WTF?!

they knew this was going to backfire, so they carefully hided it in all trailers (using a differently dubbed version), shutting down comments on youtube & all this crap, but you definitely cannot shut up some pissed off viewers who paid 9 euros each (that’s almost 12 bucks!) to see that darn movie, which most definitely won’t silence themselves with the echo of that bogus thing still in their ears.. and I’ve been having this since the end of august.. that’s how bad it is! 😉

I’ve seen petitions to make WB realize they cannot deliver us such bullshit, but honestly I wonder how they could distribute something this shitty in the first place.. you’ve got to hear this to realize how bad it is.. (on second thought, don’t! ;)) I had eyes rolling every time the dude said a word, such a pain it distracted me from the entire plot and when for some reason he silenced, such a relief..!! a few (us included) waited till the very end of the credits to see who was the guy who gifted such a horrid experience.. not a bad actor indeed, but the distortion they added made it sound like a broken amplifier had been plugged to your 1987 car stereo.. bogus! I told you!! 🙂

a ruined movie experience, which btw was way too blockbuster-like & definitely not enough Nolan-like, while the second episode had such epic-screaming moments instead.. all in all, I’ll wait for the original version before saying I didn’t like this AT ALL..

on the other side, I watched a terribly good movie the other day.. Peter’s friends (1992) by Kenneth Branagh, with Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, Imelda Staunton and of course Kenneth Branagh.. and if the incredible cast wasn’t enough already 😉 they play gorgeous characters, with a deadly funny script and iconic soundtrack ..and one of those opening scenes which already mean business! 😉

– – –

stitching wise, I’ve been working on Patches of Life, here is an update (with a slightly ironed linen.. ;))

I’m still stuck on the first part (I know, I know) but I promise I’ll devote as much time as possible to the stitching (now that I’m through with all the chores ;))

but of course I didn’t forget all the other projects, especially Eve’s travelling pattern.. it’ll show you some progress on this and have it on the road again asap

now, concerning other projects.. you know I simply could not resist much long without joining a new SAL.. especially another one that’s Christmas themed.. 😉

it’s Carole‘s Sampler de Noel*, 9 parts (one available every 14 days) and calls for DMC threads ..but of course I couldn’t do it the easy way 😉 so I asked Nina for help, and she’s been the best.. she helped me with the entire conversion process, trying to please me through and through.. now this is what we came up with, a lovely selection of hand dyed cotton threads and linen.. simply beautiful!

36ct. Flintrock Grey Edinburgh hand dyed linen & threads (Clementine, Cherry Blossom, Old Berry, Chilli, Prune, Vanilla, Peony, Peach Sorbet, Pearl, Olive Oil, Champagne, Bracken, Bark, Grizzly, Hunter)

she also helped me with an old project I had to put on hold due to colour issues.. The Workbasket Quaker Sampler: I cannot even look at the effect of the called for GAST on the Lakeside Navy Bean.. this is going to be a huge project, so it better look good! STUNNING GOOD! 🙂

that’s where Nina made her magic (again) and came out with one red, one yellow, one blue and one green that would match with each other on one of her linens ..sounds easy right? ..not so easy for me though, I spent hours and hours playing with all my GAST months ago and all I got was a huge waste of time.. this instead looks superb.. I’ll never thank you enough for your help Nina! you’re great!! 🙂

40ct. Marzipan Newcastle hand dyed linen & threads (Old Gold, Hunter, Cezar, Sailor)

there’s another SAL I promised to write you about, and that’s hosted by Fiorenza, check her blog ..she’s one of those Mirabilia masters (how I admire you people) ..she’s planning to stitch along with everyone who wants to join the Vanity SAL the brand new Mirabilia chart called Dressmaker’s Daughter

she carefully divided the huge amount of treasures, beads and threads required to stitch the project into 12 monthly parts (so that you can stash accordingly too – witty Fiore ;)) making this a year-long project you can join anytime.. of course you have to pick your own choice for fabric and fibers, your own chart and all the bling bling 😉

for complete info about this project you can read this blog post (the project is opened to everyone all over the world :)) add a comment or contact her from her blog.. she’ll be more than happy in case you want to join the fun! 🙂

– – –

last but not least, I have another stitching friend I want to thank, Manuela from The Shop Around the Corner who last saturday dedicated me a lovely post ..and picked my version of the 1st part of the Waiting for Christmas SAL as the official picture for the chart now on sale.. WOW! 😉

stitched on 28ct. Natural Zweigart linen using Gloriana threads

I promise I’ll finish this asap, for I have a super cool idea in mind and never had time to go back to this.. as well as the third part of the SAL (which will see the same super cool finishing) and the lovely bonus pumpkin chart she sent us the other day.. so funny! 🙂

thank you again for the privilege Manu! (and what a self-esteem boost this was!! :D)

* since already 276 people joined this SAL, entries are now on hold in order to let Carole organize this.. in case you need info, contact her through her blog

– – –

thank you again for following the tail so far,

I promise no more never ending posts but there was a lot to say (and I get really chatty sometimes 😉)

see you around and happy xxx



10 thoughts on “catching up (2/2)

  1. What a pity they are dubbing movies in your country. I am lucky movies are subtitled here and so I can hear languages I understand or even those I don’t but it is great to hear them anyway!AriadnefromGreece!


    1. exactly what I’ve always said: why always dubbing?! add subtitles!! people will eventually learn English & other languages more easily..!
      but of course, commonsense is not that common after all..


  2. Oh wow – I’m so sorry to hear about your movie experience. They don’t dub movies here, they just have Arabic subtitles. Although, to be honest, I hate Christian Bale as Batman so I haven’t even bothered going to watch this new movie. I have to go watch Peter’s Friends though! I LOVE all those actors, I’m so glad you recommend it.
    Your stitching looks absolutely gorgeous. Keep it up!


  3. Chiara, first it’s my pleasure to meet you, thank you!
    You are so kind to write about my hand dyeings 🙂
    Hope you will enjoy stitching!

    Kind regards from Budapest 🙂


  4. Oh, I really want to hear the dubbed voice for Bane now…I am sure it will make me giggle. I went to an improv show recently where they did a scene with every actor speaking in Bane’s voice…it was HILARIOUS. I think he does sound silly in English, so I can’t imagine how much worse they could make it in Italian!!

    Good thing Carol has closed that SAL or I would be jumping on that bandwagon, too. Congratulations on being featured for Manu’s design! =D


  5. I’ve added the Mirabilia SAL to the SAL Directory I have recently taken over running. Here’s a link:
    I’d love it if you hear of any more SALs so I can add them to the Directory. I love the European ones, and it’s easy for me to miss them.
    When we lived in Singapore films were strictly edited for content by simply cutting out the offending scenes. So you’d see the start of the joke then they’d hack the punchline out and go onto the next bit with no thought for continuity!


  6. Chiara! Wow! You’ve been a busy gal…as have I (trying to catch up with my blog reading!) LOOOOVE Your Patches of Life. The colours are so soft and pretty. Lucky girl having Nina convert DMC’s to her threads. I looove her threads too!!! Silent Night is beautiful and I can’t wait to see how you finish it!



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