The Grey Tail

lucky friday

I went for a few errands this morning, and by 11 I was so terribly thirsty, I stopped at a Mc Drive for a Sprite (well of course I couldn’t have just that.. :)) anyways.. when I saw the Mc Drive lady I noticed she was wearing a Monopoly themed t-shit and thought big fan! – me too! 😀 then I saw the unusual cup in the bag she handed me, there was a black adhesive on it.. I turned the cup and look what had just started?!

Play Monopoly at Mc Donald’s! a join venture between them and Hasbro active for 41 days starting today (yay!) with all sorts of prizes, from food to board games and so on.. but the really cool thing are the small cards attached to the products valid for the Monopoly promotion (just drinks, Mc Flurries and french fries) might grant you an immediate food reward (to redeem until december) and the other is a small card with the classic Monopoly colour tag – and by collecting all cards for each property you’ll get another price.. of course some are very hard to find, some are pretty common..

but I was their first Mc Drive customer this morning and won.. a free Mc Toast!! 😀 on the other card I found one of those orange streets.. it’s called Via Verdi and if I manage to collect all orange properties I’ll win a Canon Photo Kit, but there are all sorts of cool prizes..

why all this blabbing about a promotion that isn’t valid outside Italy?! because the fact that you can collect these small cards only by drinking your favourite extra sugary drinks is so cool I had to share it! 😉 and it’s quite rare for me to win anything in the first place.. so the fact that by 11 on a Friday morning I already had a free toast in my treasure chest was cool enough to blab this far! 😉

I’m such a kid, I know.. but I belong to that collecting generation, I just can’t help it.. getting all the coins in Super Mario, smashing all the boxes in Crash Bandicoot, finding all secrets in Tomb Raider, .. I grew up this way! loving it! I’m so not ready to quit with all this!! 😉

you can read in red “1 out of 4 wins now” ..well, I was that 1 😉

here is where I squeezed my poor TUSAL report (mostly frogged stuff.. darn frogs..) and next some update on the mini cactus plant.. it is really growing, in spite of the fact that every time I water it I forget it in the water for half an hour instead of the required 2 minutes.. poor dear, I do hope she manages to outlive my lack of memory..

many spikes don’t fit the mini greenhouse anymore, but I have to wait till I can repot this.. it has to grow way bigger (even though it hurts me to see it get that crowded in there..)

– – –

thank you for all the kind comments and emails, I absolutely love them all!

I’ll be at the castle of Formigine this weekend for Fili senza tempo (Timeless threads) so get ready for a huge monday report with pics & stash..! 😉

enjoy the weekend and see you around



2 thoughts on “lucky friday

  1. Congratulations on your win! Big or small, winning stuff is a nice way to brighten a day 🙂 Hopefully you have a happy TUSAL post next month..and your cactus is adorable 🙂



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