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Fili senza tempo – Timeless threads 9/23

Sunday morning I got up late, undergo a massive facial restauration (read it took me a half an hour makeup session to change from an old rug into a nice looking human being ;)) and left for Formigine..

now, I drove for 207 km (128 miles) – about 2 hours by car ..mostly motorway, so no big deal (plus I LOVE driving :)) – see what google maps has to say about the route:

I stopped for fuel at some point (well.. my butt got numbed anyways ;)) so I took a break at one of those motorway areas, which in Italy belong all to one corporation (talk about fair competition uh?) so I bought as less as possible!! (you all know them, btw.. the Autogrill Co. is for almost 60% property of the Benetton family.. yep, those Benettons from United Colors of Benetton)

I tried these Toblerone bars when I went to Germany by car 9 years ago (argh!), now these Swiss/German guys know how to trick you into potato chips hysteria and chocolate madness.. 😉 super tasty flavours, crazy looking bars, .. they mean business, really! (nothing compared to you Yankees of course, but that’s how close we can get without taking a flight..! :D)

now, after 9 years of hearing me blabbing about this almost mythological Toblerone chocolate bar (it happens with some imported stuff.. you find it only in motorway areas, or some shops in big cities such as Milan or Rome – or movie theaters! Maltesesers for instance are nowhere to be found in stores/shops/.. except the ones inside a specific multiplex chain.. can you believe this??) anyways, my sis finally tried it.. it was quite eventful, almost initiation-like.. 😀

she loves it (of course she does!) ..and when we opened one and realized the size of this.. well, I must admit I got carried away with quantities.. 😉 hey, I had 9 years long watering-mouth expectations to stand up to!! 😀 – plus I told you we’ll be in a month long halloween mood!! ;))

eventually I arrived in Formigine by 13 and something, managed to park as close as possible to the centre 😉 ..had a delicious lunch outside the castle’s wall, and after some chats and a little digestive walk with friends, I entered Fili senza tempo (Timeless threads), the fair hosted inside the castle..

I really should have taken more pictures, there was so much green, clashing with the red bricks from the walls and tower.. but of course I couldn’t wait to enter! 🙂 and when I got out I was overloaded with stuff.. (looked like I was moving or something.. :D)

if you take a look at the reflection you can see me (and the basket! ;))

since I got up late, and honestly had no other way to carry a few stitched pieces with me [you show off! I know.. :D] without stressing or squeezing them, I brought that Longaberger basket of mine.. it was a blast! 😀 (and a real shame they won’t sell them outside the US!)

everyone told me how pretty it was, I even overheard a few visitors saying look at that basket! 😀 (I knew the shipping & extra taxation at customs would eventually pay off in such gloating moments ;))

I met really sweet people, all so nice and happy to be in such a wonderful location.. I mean, I like fairs.. but they don’t happen to take place in the prettiest areas, plus they’re so big you feel in a hangar filled with stitched stuff.. nice, but not as much as a castle.. filled with stitched stuff!! 😀

of course it was way smaller, but I reckon sometimes it’s better like this.. less things, alright, but presented in the way they deserve, surrounded by a nice relaxing scenario.. I actually felt sorry I couldn’t sit and stitch for a while, but I arrived too late to do that.. plus there’ll be another Fili senza tempo event in springtime so.. 😀

Stitched Tales wonderful selection of hand painted wooden buttons
Manuela aka The Shop Around The Corner, she’s working on a super cool halloween project.. can’t wait to stitch that too!! 😀
Nicoletta aka Nikyscreations with her amazing new advent calendar

and finally here is the plunder..! I took cards and a few pics of the designers, so you can see for yourself 😉

Michael Powell’s new scissor fob & key keep kit, a lovely postcard with Venice 😀 and Laura Countrystyle beautiful pincushion necklace

Michael Powell is so nice and super inventive.. and always enjoys chatting for a while (read me pestering him with questions while he patiently replies), and I met Laura from Laura Countrystyle, such a lovely creative person.. with terribly good taste! 🙂

The Shop Around The Corner charts and thread wooden keepers – the steamboat is Manuela’s new logo.. and she’s been so sweet, she gifted me the printed version of the now on sale Waiting for Christmas charts.. with my version on the left.. so cool! 😀

I’ll get a few more things from Manuela aka The Shop Around the Corner.. she made a wonderful pillow I’ve been thinking about since I saw it.. 🙂

some amazing buttons by the creative Eli aka Stitched Tales (you’ll recognize her touch in Manuela’s new thread keepers and the Christmas button you’ll see later on.. Eli really is a perfectionist, something many designers (and I!) highly praise!)

Stitched Tales hand painted wooden buttons.. those in the back are actually complete with chart to backstitch
Stitched Tales hand painted wooden buttons
Stitched Tales hand-painted wooden buttons (as my friend Elena said “at last some Italian hand made buttons!!”)
Carnet de Broderies charts, Nikyscreations hand dyed 32ct. linen cut and handmade nut & acorn, Lilli Violette Christmas hand painted button, and a brand new pair of scissors
Carnet de Broderies scissor fob with my initial

Carnet de Broderies are husband and wife, she designs ..he stitches! 😀 (as I told them, I’m never going to be that lucky.. :D)

Lilli Violette hand painted wooden button with Christmas figures and new scissors I found at Rovaris
Nikyscreations hand dyed 32ct. linen cut and handmade nut basket & acorn

I couldn’t wait to get myself one of those lovely nuts and special acorns.. Nicoletta aka Nikyscreations told me she got these from Tennessee ..where acorns are HUUGE! 😀

and then I finally got myself a Rovaris handmade magazine rack I’ve been tracking down since last Christmas.. this time saving on shipping!! 😉

Rovaris magazine rack and charts
Rovaris hand made magazine rack – on the right a picture of the finished rack

of course I collected the RicamiAMO folders too 🙂 [btw they’re leaving tomorrow (I don’t have the car today.. humpf!) when I’ll post a detailed sum up of shipping costs and will donate the eventually exceeding money to La Lucciola (The Firefly) Therapy Centre via paypal.. Tania from Lilli Violette, all the designers involved, and of course the people at The Firefly asked me to pass on a huge thank you to all of you who made donations.. they were so happy and surprised to see such international response..! 🙂

it has been a real pleasure for me too, enabling you to participate to this charity.. as I wrote in august, when this initiative was announced, I don’t like that charity-talk where you get praised for what you did.. I mean, the point is helping someone, not getting beatified for it.. still, this time I felt like sending the word was as important as the act of supporting itself.. so, thank you 🙂

– – –

keep following the tail (who btw is in an extra cuddling mode 😉) and thank you so much for the lovely comments and emails, it’s great to see your pop ups during the day*! 🙂

and last but not least, welcome new viewers from Singapore! 🙂

see you around


* about comments issues, some of you informed me they experienced troubles with this.. as witty Eli suggested me yesterday, try a different browser.. I used Firefox today and they ALL went through.. easy as pie!

watch out for a comments shower people! warned ya! 😀

but most of all, thank you Eli!! 🙂


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