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blue wednesday

sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.. I live in crazy busy reality, which is, well.. crazy busy! 😉

plus today reached the apex, one of those days your going to use to measure up all other shitty days thinking well, still less shitty than that time..

as you might remember I mentioned the fact that I live with crazy people too.. well they get bad crazy sometimes.. well, most of the times, but in a way I manage to cope with.. not today..

just to give you the picture: a mission impossible one after the other, and as the icing on the cake the infamous words you are a total failure..  (only vomiting on my stitching would have made it worse..)

so yes, after all I’ve done for my family this is what I got.. years and years of bummers, pains in the ass, rudeness and now this.. being called a complete failure.. I spoke loud and clear that I did not deserve this and felt insulted enough.. what hurts most is this utter bullshit my own mother, whom I always did my best to help out..

I’m divided between disgusted and disappointed.. and I really need some stitching in oder to calm me down..

– – –

as promised, the RicamiAMO folders have been sent out tuesday (not monday because the happy family forgot I needed a car.. and it was heavily raining, so I couldn’t take the bike), I asked the PO lady.. she reckons about 1 week for European destinations, 2 weeks for US/Australia

as for the exceeding money.. the folder grew up so huge with cooperations it weighted much more than expected.. and so were shipping costs – as you can see in this page a 200gr. envelope shipped to Zone 2 (US) or 3 (Australia) exceeds the expected costs* –  I sorted things out anyways, so don’t worry 🙂

plus it’s been a real pleasure to enable you to participate to this charity – and to trigger the watering mouth effect, here is the complete list of designers who contributed.. Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks, Bernadette Baldelli, Blackbird Designs, Camille Camps, Casa Mia Italia, Christiane Malgouris Broderies, Creation Dany Brod, Creation Gigir, Cuore Batticuore, Dames of the Needle/Finger Work, Giulia Punti Antichi, Homespun Elegance Ltd., La Comtesse, Le Lin d’Isabelle, Les Petit Points, Lilli Violette, Madame Chantilly, Mani di Donna Designer, Maria Concetta Ronchetti, Mariateresa Capo Berti Designer, Marie Les Fees Brodeuses, Marie-Therese Saint-Aubin, Michael Powell, Milady’s Needle, Mingiu Stitch, MTV Designs, Nikyscreations, Paola Gattiblu, Praire Moon, R&P Renato Parolin, Red House by The Willow Tree, Shakespeare’s Peddler, Sylvaine Lenoir, The Primitive Hare, The Shop Around the Corner by Manuela Albanese, The Workbasket, Thistles, With My Needle

pretty cool uh? 😉

– – –

off to get some stitching done.. sorry for the vent.. 🙂

* not that I mind, but I promised you to be as detailed as possible with this.. 🙂 it has been a real pleasure to help out The Firefly Therapy Centre is Niky’s post about the sum collected.. not bad! 😉


6 thoughts on “blue wednesday

  1. ohhhh bless .. sending you a huge hug and a very large mug of something to help ….. oooo what have I missed with the mailings
    sorry don’t often have time to pop in with working full time these days ….hope things improve for you … an outburst like that is usually due to the persons failure and they take it out on some one near ….which unfortunately happened to be you 😦
    enjoy your stitching time and breathhhhhh and chilll and put that needle in and out and de stress ok 🙂 take care and happy stitching 🙂 love mouse xxxxx


  2. Sorry you’ve been having a hard time.
    The charts are amazing! Giovanna mailed mine to me on Monday and they arrived Thursday! The Post Office is obviously a fan of cross stitch.
    I was so pleased to be able to help support this cause and get some gorgeous charts too. I’m off to read Niky’s post now.


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