Fili senza tempo

cool stuff & thank you

just a quick note to say how happy I am I started this blog.. it has been only a few months, but I already feel your huggy hugs every time I need some.. thank you for being so nice, helpful and caring..

you might be my Gummi Bears! 😉 (click here if you shameful people don’t know what I’m talking about 😉here for the italian version)

or my Rescue Rangers if you prefer! 😉 (come on.. you really don’t know them?? REALLY?? here is the super cool theme song, and here is the italian version – yes, we call them Cip & Ciop Agenti Speciali :D)

– – –

thanks to Rosy, who made it (and Manu who posted it), you can see a video from Fili senza tempo..!! just look at Manu’s last post here ..pretty cool uh? (and yes, I will eventually get pro and start posting videos too.. I promise ;))

– – –

last but not least, happy birthday Google!! 14 years that made such difference!! THANK YOU!!

– – –

light is really bad now.. but I promise I’ll post some stitchful pictures tomorrow

(about time!! :D)

thank you for following the tail everyday, also let me welcome new viewers from Bosnia and Erzegovina 🙂

btw, wanna see something cool? here is the world map of all countries touched at least once by the grey tail (so far! 😉)

I won’t switch into Alexander-mode though, promised! 😀

have a nice day

and many happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “cool stuff & thank you

  1. Loved both shows! My daughter’s first birthday cake had the Gummi bears on it. These are the type of shows I wish were still on tv.

    Glad you are enjoying blogging. It’s been nice to ‘meet’ you!


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