Stitch Me Club 2012

introducing CJ

sorry, I know I promised this for last friday.. but I really couldn’t fit it in the crazy busy reality I’m living in..

so I’ll cut the moaning and serve you some updates 😉

I finally made it and finished part one of NatalieJo‘s Patches of Life..

I had the worst frogging sessions on this, both the border on the right and the blue alphabet had to be stitched twice.. and all the filling in the patch on the right took FOREVER.. but I’m really pleased with it.. actually I love this project, but I have to put this aside for a few days.. I really need to finish the travelling pattern..

I might frog the light grey in the small motif on the left, as it doesn’t show at all.. after all I restitched, those 50 and something stitches won’t mean much.. 😉

as for the initials, I decided I wanted to credit both me and Natalie.. but I couldn’t fit our initials on each side, so I picked mine for the left and her on the right.. CJ! 😀

it’ll be a real pain to leave this project even if for a lil while.. I’m enjoying all these small achievements.. so rewarding.. 😉

but hey, there are some cool things going on on the travelling patten front, I edited and revisited this a bit.. but that’s for tomorrow 😉

just a quick update on the mini cactus plant.. it’s growing big enough not to fit her small glasshouse anymore but I thought you might don’t get how MINI this still is.. so I took a pic while holding it in my hand..

see the bended stem growing on the right side? clear sign the plastic cage didn’t fit anymore.. I’ll get some repotting materials and find her a new home asap.. and add some more to the collection 🙂 they really look funny – and might grow really huge if they make the hardest of seasons (winter) and the hardest of moments (repotting) ..we’ll see how green my thumbs are!

– – –

thank you for the lovely comments and emails..

write you tomorrow with university updates (yes people, there’s still university going on here!! 😉)

keep following the tail, and welcome new viewers from.. Aruba!!


take care,



8 thoughts on “introducing CJ

  1. accidenti che ricamo lungo che brava!! è molto molto bello.
    che amore il mini cactus.. caspita è cresciuto dall’ultima foto!
    un abbraccio


    1. grazie mille! 😉
      più sono impegnativi, più mi piacciono 😉 poi questo è pieno di piccoli motivi, per cui ogni volta che ne inizio uno sembra di iniziare un ricamo nuovo.. 😀

      il cactus sta crescendo davvero tanto.. spero proprio che resista al periodo invernale che arriverò, con meno sole e il riscaldamento..!!


  2. Your SAL is coming along well – I have that one, too but I am yet to start it. I am busy with TPs, the Lizzie Kate SAL and a few other things.
    I love that mini cactus – so cute!


    1. thank you everybody for the nice comments 🙂
      I’m loving Patches of Life so much.. I actually don’t feel that bad I still have LK’s Very Scary on hold, together with all the others.. gosh!

      the mini cactus is straightening all the stings now that it’s finally out of the plastic cage.. I really hope wintertime, with lass sunlight and heating won’t be that traumatic..
      you know, if it makes it (and gets waaaay bigger) it might even bloom! 😀


  3. Patches of Life is beautiful so far! If you are going to frog the small grey motif, maybe go with a darker shade? I am looking forward to seeing more updates 🙂



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