The Grey Tail


sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.. things are still pretty hectic and I seriously doubt they’ll ever slow down.. gosh!

anyways, off to the big announcements 😉

first and foremost, I woke up this morning and found out I’ve been picked by Kaye for the PIF!! YAY!! 😀

thank you Kaye! this is superdupercool news! 😀

what it actually means is that I’ll receive a lovely gift from Kaye in the next 12 months, and in order to Pass It Forward, I’ll do the same to other 3 stitchers which will do the same to other 3 which will.. you got it alright 😉

since this is kind of a commitment I won’t pick 3 of you randomly! 😀 I’ll blog about this as soon as I receive Kaye’s treasures from down under (so cool..), and those of you who want to enter can add a comment there and I’ll pick (this time randomly ;)) three lucky ones who will receive something from me in the next 12 months and promise to pass it on to other three.. PIF, easy peasy 😉

– – –

then I’ve been told two of the RicamiAMO folders got to their destinations: one in Holland and the other one in Australia.. postal services seem to be working alright! cool!

that’s great news for I’m waiting for some pretty cool things too! 😀

I have Madame still waiting for her luggage (not that she isn’t enjoying her time here, with pizza and all the rest :D), some cool things I need in order to finish finish Manu‘s Waiting for Christmas SAL projects (and I really owe her, especially now that she picked my version for the printed chart of the first part!), then there’s a pretty shiny cool thing that will make blogging & sharing even easier (but this might take a long time to arrive.. even though I payed it’s weight in gold..), then there’s the travelling pattern which will be ready to leave in a few hours (and I’ll get entries for that too) and then..

then there’s a special card (thank you so much Jo!!) I’ll get from Jo who can’t think of a clever nickname.. can you guess why? 😉

because tomorrow it’s my b bb bi bibbiribibbir birthday! 😀 😀

yes people, I’ll be tat tat.. 20 + 7!! 😀 (told ya october is a pretty cool month for many reasons.. ;))

since I cannot leave you without a cool pic, take a look at the cool kid I was (not that I’ve grown up that much anyways ;))

– – –

thank you all for the nice comments and emails,

keep following the tail (who btw is desperately calling for some food, so I better go and fix him something 😉)

take care and see you around!



11 thoughts on “announcements

  1. You have some very cool things coming & going 🙂 And HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!! October & November are busy around here with birthdays – my mom is going to be 80 on Sunday, my DH’s birthday is on the 16th, and then there are about 10 of us in November (I have 2 nephews who’s days are exactly 1 week before mine, and one week after mine).


  2. Happy Early Birthday! Mine was on Tuesday. 😀

    I would love to be entered for the PIF! Did you say that you are taking entries for the traveling pattern too? Because I would love to stitch it!

    I love the picture!



  3. Hi Chiara, Happy, happy birthday – it is the 6th here now – so it must be the day. My birthday is next week but I am going to be 54 – exactly twice your age! Must be why we are such good friends! lol!

    Please count me in for the TP. I just love the idea of Travelling patterns – so cool. Is that a new laptop coming your way – how exicting.

    I hope that you have a fabulous day and keep your eye out on the post for my Aussie gift to you for the Riciamo folder.

    lots of love Kaye


    1. Kaye! another birthday!! october is indeed THE birth month!! 😀
      don’t worry there’ll be a post dedicated to entries for the TP and I’ll have them opened for a week, maybe two.. but of course you’re already in the mix 😀
      (you’re gonna love this, it’s incredibly funny, and I’ve been playing with it a lot.. you’ll see :D)
      nope, not a laptop.. I got a new one last year and it’s still a blast ..try again.. 😉

      thank you for the wishes and the Aussie package! can’t wait!!
      big hugs 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday for today!! You’re so young LOL, I could be your Mum!
    It sounds like October is such a fun and busy month for you.
    I seem to be surrounded by lovely Libra people – hubby, oldest son, Dad, a couple of best friends and now you and Kaye!


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