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20 + 7

these past days have been so tense I basically lived on camomile tea.. 😀

anyways, now that the weekend is here I must find the time to do some shopping and prepare the package for Muriel.. she had to stay this long for she couldn’t leave without a suitcase, you know 😉

but first let me tell you how I spent my birthday weekend! :)I enjoyed some cozy chats and movies with my sis, went to see Granny on sunday and spent the entire day with her (although we don’t live that far, life always seems to make it hard to see each other on a weekly basis.. too bad for she’s the only Gran I have left, and yes, she can be kind of crazy sometimes, but that’s part of the deal with parents, right? ;))

I’ve been eating loads of crappy, extra greasy food recently so I asked her to cook light stuff like veggie soup, beans, .. wow I love soups.. I could live on soups (and camomile tea.. :D) autumn has definitely come to northern Italy (you bet! we were about to light up the fireplace last evening! ;)) so it’s finally the right season for stuff like that!

just to give you the picture, I sleep in my pyjamas, quilted blanket, I already wear sweaters, jumpers, drink hot stuff like tea and takeaway coffee as I walk around Padua (where I study), which for some mysterious reason always surprises people.. they’re not accustomed to people walking & drinking from takeaway cups.. this is so normal for me I don’t even care, but trust me.. I had to look for a place where they sold takeaway coffee.. can you believe this??! (one more reason to move asap :D)

among the many things I treated myself with there are new clothes (but that’s for next weeks’ shopping, where I’ll take advantage on the 15% off I have earned on my next purchase ;)), PattyC‘s new chart Stitching Buddies (love this one, and have really funny plans for it ;)), then I ordered some very cool things from TV series, soundtracks, movies, .. they come so cheap compared to Italian prices I get a bunch once in a while, and this one was pretty good indeed! 😉

I’ll finally join you Downtown Abbey lovers (saw a few episodes and immediately liked this one, so I got the 1st and 2nd series and preordered the 3rd! :D), I got Blackadder‘s complete series (LOVE this one and cannot wait to see it all again) and one of my favourites – Castle – so my sis and I can watch all the first 3 series AGAIN 😉 ..while waiting for the 4th to be released in PAL2!! 😀

then there’s My So Called Life.. my sis has been blabbing about this for months! 😀 and it’s about time we watch this together, under the blanket, while eating pop corns or other junk stuff 😉 and concerning junk stuff, I found my favourite potato chips the other day and got some as they’re pretty hard to find (darn it!) ..super crispy organic Scandinavian sour cream flavoured chips and carrot bits.. yum! 

then I got a lil bit of stash I need in order to finish finish Manu’s Waiting for Christmas SAL and a few more mini plants.. even though I’m pretty scared for the cold weather.. it’s getting really cold for cactus plants..

patchwork fabrics (Wilmington Prints, Stof, Northcott Silk, Red Rooster, Clothworks Fabrics) and linen ribbons (La Croix et La Manière)

and I received my last purchase from Sabine aka Oeil2cha.. so many wonderful earrings!! 😀 and buttons! 😉

– – –

in spite of the cake I decided to have some pastries (we call paste) but I forgot to take pictures of them.. sorry! 😉

last but not least, here is my version of the travelling pattern Thankful by Sharon Crescent and Diane Williams

I had a lot of fun changing “Thankful for Ewe” into “Suit yourself” 😀 using different colours and fabric, adding details such as the small bees and birds I charted myself.. I’m really sorry it took me this long to have it done, but I hope this makes it up for the huge delay 🙂

hope you like all the colour changes and addictions.. I love them all!! 😀

so if you want to be the next one to stitch this, I’ll post a recap post tomorrow about this, where you can add comments and get a chance to stitch it too! can’t wait to see the next one!

– – –

thank you for following the tail so far,

welcome new viewers from Barbados! 😀

take care and enjoy this wonderful season!



11 thoughts on “20 + 7

    1. thank you all for the lovely words about the TP 🙂
      it took a while to decide how I wanted it to look like, but eventually it turned out pretty close to what I had in mind 😉


  1. love the fabric stash and the wee button with the eyes and your adaptation of the TP is gorgeous … lovely colours .. glad you got to spend time with your grandma …. 🙂 love mouse xxxx


    1. I thought so too Mouse, then I realized it’s a sliced apple.. 😀
      either way, it’s great!
      thank you for the lovely words about the TP, I had so much fun playing with it!


  2. Happy Birthday, Chiara, what date exactly? Mine is on the 11th. I hope that you had a great day. Love your new stash and the great earrings and buttons. I will keep an eye out for your next post as I love stitching TPs. I am doing one at the moment – check out my blog for a progress pic and also, I am having an 11 Days of Kaisievic’s Birthday Giveaway – with a different Gift to be one for 11 days. Love to you, Kaye


  3. So pleased you had a lovely Birthday Weekend, Your card is……somewhere…. maybe still in the UK, maybe flying over Europe!
    I love those earrings, I collect earrings myself and have over 250 pairs. But only about 20 or so I wear regularly now I have the Small Boy.
    Your stash all looks great too.


  4. Lovely stash acquisition! Happy late birthday to you!!! I love the changes you made to the travelling pattern. And I had to LOL at the takeaway cups…whenever we go to Europe we have to remind ourselves that we will be thought of as very strange if we walk around eating and drinking…and also when we come back home it takes a few days to adjust to drinking directly from cans/bottles “like barbarians”!! =)


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