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travelling pattern

about time for the travelling pattern to move on! 🙂

here is a recap of everyone who stitched this before me (all links take to their post so you can see their amazing versions)

  1. Tricia from The Stamper’s Stitches
  2. Gracie from Needles Pins and Dragonflies
  3. Anne from Doll’s Musings
  4. Mouse from Tales of a Stitching Mouse
  5. Sharon from It’s Daffycat
  6. Heather from It’s Geek to Me
  7. Zyggyeor from Zyggyeor’s Loopyness
  8. Kay from Kay’s Random World

and mine 😉

I stitched this on a 28ct. Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen in three shades of green, using threads of my own choice replacing every colour with two shades: two browns, two pinks, two greens, .. they are WDW Chestnut, Fawn, Scuppernong, Moss, Oak, Rust, Chablis, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Dove and Kohl + Wisper W89 for the sheep

I recharted Thankful for Ewe into Suit yourself and added a couple of birds and bees I charted myself

so if you want to be the next one, just add a comment in THIS post only, I’ll leave entries opened until november the 4th so you have plenty of time to send the word and get in the mix 🙂

(the long schedule is due to the fact that I’ll be away for work at the end of the month, and I don’t know if I’ll have time to take care of this properly.. so it was either very long or very short – and I thought better long ;))

in the meantime, here is a picture of what I’m working with at the moment

Nina’s threads and linen for the Un air de fête Sampler de Noel by Carole (remember the one which had entries closed due to the massive participation..)

it’s really really wonderful, I love working with Nina’s threads, and the linen she picked for me is just great.. update pic tomorrow, promised! 😀

– – –

thank you for following the tail and leaving such nice and lovely comments 🙂

welcome new viewers from Viet Nam!

hoan nghênh! 🙂

have a nice day




8 thoughts on “travelling pattern

  1. Please include my name in the draw for the travelling pattern. It’s such a cute stitch!
    I love the Christmas SAL which you’ll be stitching next. It’s beautiful!


  2. Ciaaao Chiara 🙂 🙂 E’ un po’ di tempo che non ci sei sul Forum di Casa Cenina…tutto bene? Complimenti per i tuoi lavori, sono sempre bellissimi 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ho letto che a fine mese sarai via per lavoro, posso essere indiscreta, e chiederti di cosa ti occupi? In bocca al lupo per tutto…Ah, dimenticavo, come sta’ la tartaruga?


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