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the words, the mess and a few updates

words and meanings. what you mean to say vs. what other people get from those sentences.. it’s always a bit surprising how communicating gets complicated, even when we’re both speaking the same language.. I guess that the highest boundaries  have nothing to do with words, but with intentions instead..

you can tell how confused and dizzy I feel these days.. and even if things are pretty clear, I feel as if I were still in bed, laying down, thinking it’s time to get up, but when it comes to the act of getting up: put myself together and doing it, now that’s something I still don’t know when I’ll finally feel free to do..

not that I’ve been sleeping in the slightest these days! I used a tricky and too much complicated metaphor, that’s it! 😉

I’ve been working all day, first preparing the stand, then following customers in their purchases, in a home-decor fair in Tuscany.. actually I’ve been working with threads, fabrics, patchwork tools and ribbons, basically all stitchful stuff 😉

apart from the joy of talking to other hard core stitchers like me, I’ve been feeling really torn apart and I though better not to let things out until I had my mind figured about what’s going on and what to do..

I know it sounds gibberish.. but honestly, I still don’t know how to cope with the present situation, let alone discussing it here..

sorry for the messed up and cryptical post, the lack of updates and pictures (even though I have plenty of things going on, and some are pretty good too you know ;)) ..I’ll come home from the week-long fair next monday afternoon, and draw a name for the travelling pattern.. don’t forget you can still enter by adding a comment in THIS post (of course, no matter where you are, I’ll be happy to ship Eve’s chart :))

and last but not least, a gift to all of you stitching friends, so patient and comprehensive, understanding and caring..  all things I have the feeling are getting more and more uncommon by the day..

I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 I created this back in august and saved it for a special occasion, and this blue day really needs a cheerful ending, so here it is: my first Cross(stitched)word, complete with clues to solve it.. I hope you like it and, of course, feel free to print it and take it wherever you go! 🙂

the two following links lead to downloadable PDF versions (best viewed if printed in A4 format) of the grid and clues in English, if you want me to translate them into your language, I’ll be happy to (just keep in mind I know only a few 😉 English, Italian, Spanish and German)

cross(stitched)word nr.1 – grid

cross(stitched)word nr.1 – clues

all feedbacks will be highly praised, ça va sans dire! 😉

and now back to those haughty lords and ladies from Downton Abbey.. how I’m loving this series!! 🙂 I hope I can get to finish the third episode before collapsing beside the laptop.. tomorrow it’s the last day of the fair and it’s opened from 10 AM to 10 PM.. (nightmare!)

– – –

thank you for following the tail this far,

write you soon



4 thoughts on “the words, the mess and a few updates

  1. I didn’t understand a word you wrote but maybe that’s what you wanted!Lovely crossword!Maybe you should send it to a Cross stitch magazine to be printed!


  2. Hi Chiara, I hope that everything is okay. You sound really blue like I did the other week. Please take care of yourself – your bloggy and stitchy friends love you. Love the cross word stitch design – not sure I know all of the answers,though. hugs, Kaye


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