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a few updates and the travelling pattern winner

I want to focus on the good things that happened these days (not because anything shitty happened, but I have met some great people, and I’m much more thankful to them than I’m resentful to those who treated me like crap)
a few days after my birthday (back at the beginning of October) I received one of Jo‘s lovely cards, the saying is something me and my best friend say to each other every year: “we won’t get old, we’ll be vintage!
then I received a wonderful Aussie present from Kaye: a beautiful, colorful kit that will turn into a pillow ..thank you so much Kaye! I can’t wait to start my Aussie project!
I got many wonderful emails these days, thank you all for being so caring and understanding.. it’s so good to know there’s good people out there, and I’m lucky enough to know many.. from my head to my 10 toes: thank you!
since I don’t have a job, you’ll see I’ll get back to my blog like I used to.. and I promise I’ll give you all the updates you deserve.. so now, in terrible delay, I’ll announce where the travelling pattern will go next..!
I’m so happy for you McKenna! I’m sending you an email straight away so you can give me your snail mail address
and last but not least, today I’ve been awarded the Liebster Award from Sarah at Sarah In Stitches ..such a sweet stitcher, thank you so much!
she’s working on the American Flag Quilt.. adorable! (and she’ll trick me into knitting, that’s for sure – her cozy mugs look so good!)
– – –
thank you all for your wishes and kind words,
unfortunately the old lad’s symptoms and renal situation are only degenerative..
I wouldn’t leave him alone even if I could,
but thank you all the same, as I told you it means a lot..
write you soon
[a quick info: it’s not like I don’t reply to questions asked via comments.. I love them, so keep them coming! it’s just that I get a little verbose, and then ask questions myself, so I prefer to write a mail rather than a replying comment ;)]
[another quick info: wordpress is in a real tantrum.. every space/empty lineI leave gets eaten, pictures appear all too big and too close.. no idea what’s going on, but I’m preatty sure a software update is in order – let it be soon wordpress dudes..]

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