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bitten apples

I’ve always loved Apple products, since they were known as Macintosh, and their logo was a striped, rainbow coloured little apple.. and what they did were computers that actually worked, period. don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for all the success they have now and I’ll probably be a bitten apple user my entire life, but I don’t get something just because it’s the cool, must have of the season.

and that’s what many apple products have become these days.. a statement, rather than a device that does its job, and does it like any other does.

I’ve been messing with computers for a long time, since my first one, a Commodore 64 🙂 then came an old IBM with games on floppy disks and the MS DOS I learnt how to use after much DOHs! and WHAAATs?!

many Windows operating systems after, I got sick with buying cheap things that didn’t work, needed fixes, patches, hours and hours spent on adding what a machine should already come with once you purchase it.. and I finally got a PowerBook

for me, this is the point with all the bitten apple’s products: you pay a lot, that’s right, but you get something that actually does what it’s meant to do, in a very logic, coherent way, and most of all: the OS (and a lot more actually) is built around the user’s needs, without forcing us repeat the same useless moves over and over again.. I mean, we get a lot of crap already, why should we keep on building OS that are counterproductive?? we don’t find these systems.. we build them! let’s do it right then! (it’s common sense, just a bit of common sense! – which is, sadly, not that common after all..)

of course I got many iPods too, from a black 30GB (how funny this sound now) to my 160GB and super small shuffle I use when I do the laundry, chores.. but I never got an iPhone, never really needed one, you know.. until now

and of course once I made up my mind, this turned out to be the most expensive iPhone ever, and I happen to live in one of those countries that have them for extremely high prices (just my luck..) but I got to a point where I really need one, the kind of need that’s work-related, not just a super-shiny-brand-new-cool sort of need..

well.. now the job is gone – and the phone remains.. all in all I reckon it’s a win win.. don’t get me wrong, I care more about a job than a phone.. the thing is I stopped caring about THAT job weeks and weeks ago..

I’ll spare you the crap, maybe one day I’ll feel like talking about it ..but not just now

let’s just say it has been a real downer, one of the greatest disappointments I’ve had lately, and the nth proof I’m not the kind of person who swallows shit, just because you gave her a spoon to do it.. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but it’s true..

and good luck to those who spat on me and my abilities.. you made your bed people, now lie in it

– – –

thank you all for sticking with me even when I couldn’t stick with you

I have about a month old blog updates in my Reader and I’ll read them all, leave comments that are long outdated, but I don’t care..

I really want to know what was going on with you too, so get ready for a comment splash!  🙂

have fun and happy xxx



3 thoughts on “bitten apples

  1. I know what you mean about splashy products – I rejected the idea of having a smartphone for so long, and my husband finally got me one this summer for our anniversary, sort of forcing me into the 21st century. 😛 I hope you’re doing well! Ignore the idiots who don’t see how great you are!


  2. You had a Commodore 64!! Lucky you, we only had the Commodore 16 LOL.

    I do still have a very old LED Texas Instruments calculator from the 70s around although it no longer works!


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