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thank you

first and foremost, thank you all for the lovely comments and emails.. I really appreciate them, and it’s so nice to see how much you care

I prepared a few posts the other week, knowing that soon I wouldn’t be in the mood for writing, I’ll schedule them for the next few days

I’ve been stitching a lot, since it keeps my mind a little busy, and finished the first part of Un air de fête Christmas SAL by Carole (where you can see the SAL already stitched up to the 7th part)

colours look really off (especially the pink blur in the middle – no idea where it comes from) cause I took the picture when sunlight had long gone, the next ones are taken with daylight – you can see a bit of the second part (but absolutely no ironing)

thank you again,

happy xxx and big hugs



7 thoughts on “thank you

  1. Hello – just heard from Lee. You would like your name added to the traveling bunny stitchers? please send me a private e-mail with your address and I will include it with the pattern + stash envelope. I planned to mail to Cucki on Tuesday or Wednesday. Always, L Stitches of Life Blog


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