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the tails, the stuff and the (no longer) mess

it took me a while to get back on track, or at least feel like there’s a track to get back on..

I knew this would be hard, but I didn’t expect dreams.. not so many, nor I thought I’d still wake up in the middle of the night wondering if the old lad had gone out.. looking at all his favourite spots that are now empty, or the fact that I don’t have to fight for a pillow at night..

even my mother (and if you followed me this far, you already know how hard it was to make her understand my soft spot for cats) told me we need to cheer up.. it will never be the same, of course, but it’ll lift up the mood immensely (something I really really need right now)

so my sister and I sat together and started looking for almost 3 months old kittens.. and we found a super funny furry ball that will hopefully join us in a couple of weeks

I’ve already met him and his family.. they’re 7 brothers and sisters! his mother is unbelievably elegant, and she seemed to like me a lot for she let me play with her children for an entire afternoon (in which the little one fell asleep in my hand.. wow..)

when I got home (he still has to finish the 90 days long weaning) I started cleaning up like Bree Van De Kamp on drugs (yeah, I know, pretty weird) and in 7 days (that’s right, it took me a week to clean up everything – I still had to put away the suitcases from the week I spent working in Tuscany at the end of october) I got a spick and span room, with waaay less Lego bricks in it, but waaaaaay more space for a kitty to jump and fool around

I ordered a few things from and (knowing both languages turns out pretty useful when it comes to purchasing stuff for less), and among the many cats’ play towers and trees I eventually opted for a pretty high one in wood (2,08 meters/6.82 feet), so that the furry buddy can have plenty of exercise – hopefully without knocking out the rest of the house.. he’ll grow 1 kg per month, that’s why I had to be prepared..

I know you’d love to see before/after pics, that’s why I took these before starting building – which btw was easy peasy

wooden cat tree

wooden cat tree

wooden cat tree

of course this was the chance to finally organize all my stitching stuff, books, put the old TV in the attic (and all sorts of things I’ve postponed for, well, years..)

now there’s a box filled with charts (impressive), four with linens and fabrics, then there’s the buttons tin box and the one I filled with Christmas decorations (sincerely hoping I’ll get some finished finished this year), a big plastic box with tools, DMC stuff and threads, 4 smaller ones  I don’t remember what for (that’s why I wisely bought the transparent, see-through version), a large but thin plastic container with wheels that goes under the bed (perfect for big WIPs on Q-Snaps & other frames) and a that’s pretty much it..

I’ll take pictures with a better light (we’re expecting snow today) and show you my own extreme makeover Bedroom Edition – and of course if you have organizing tips, they’re more than welcome!

as for the kitty, I got a few more things you’ll see us playing with.. but, of course, you’d like to see him first, so here are a few links: the whole litter, his mom, his dad (met him too, and he’s such a funny guy!), and this is him.. the ANFI name is Taras, but I was thinking about Basil, like Basil Rathbone – one of my favourite actors since I was a kid

– – –

I’d like to thank you all again for the lovely words, comments and emails, they really mean a lot to me

more pictures tomorrow, and I’ll get back to all your blogs asap, I promise

big hugs,



13 thoughts on “the tails, the stuff and the (no longer) mess

    1. infatti è piaciuto a tutti! grazie mille Manu!
      io sto trovando un po’ di tranquillità nei preparativi per il nuovo pelosotto.. lo so che può suonare brutto, ma senza gatto io proprio non so stare.. mi sveglio di notte, prendo sonno ad orari assurdi solo quando sono sfinita, lo sogno, .. mi ritrovo a guardare le sue nanne vuote e mi viene su una tristezza infinita..
      ne abbiamo parlato, e sinceramente c’è davvero bisogno di un tiramisù felino..
      le xxx prometto che tornano, anzi, ci sono un bel po’ di progetti con cui mi sono tenuta occupata la testa.. aspetto solo che la luce migliori (oggi dovrebbe nevicare)
      stammi bene e ci sentiamo presto! grazie!


  1. MAMMA MIA Chiara…mai visto niente di simile, la torre è spettacolare 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 si vede che ami gli animali, il tuo nuovo amico sarà contentissimo e sicuramente ti porterà un’infinita gioia…sono contenta per te 😉


  2. Awww, he’s so CUTE!!!! I am excited for you! And my cats are totally jealous of that cat tower (though Beanie is way too big to actually use one of those – but Monkey would LOVE to have one!) Lots & lots of pics of kitten cuteness when he arrives, please 🙂


  3. awwww basil suits him , he is adorable … and love that play gym for him too … congratulations on the tidy up spree … want to come and do mine hehehehe 🙂 love mouse xxxxx


  4. Oh, he’s such a sweet kitty! I’m so glad you’re bringing another fur ball of love into your life. I’m sure it’ll be good for the both of you!



    He’s got mad ears!! I love the cute kitties, I can see a series of bat-eared-cats designs now! Love his tower too, guess it’ll have to be Pawlty Towers not Fawlty hahahaha


  6. Chiara – WOW! What a cool cat tower! And Taras/Basil is absolutely adorable! As a son of Poseidon (Taras) does that mean he likes water? I look forward to seeing many cute photos of him. Merry Christmas


    1. he’ll get regular baths so he better be! 😉
      thank you all for the lovely words about Basil, he is a lovely little one indeed.. (and yes, pictures ad nauseam.. don’t have to worry about that!)


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