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snow and kittens

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend, but I devoted most of saturday to one little trip to Emilia Romagna, where a certain furry friend currently resides with mom, dad, siblings and relatives.. all in all I guess there were almost 20 cats..!

7 kittens that will end their 90 days in a couple of weeks, mom and dad, uncles, aunts, another mother who just gave birth to 3 flaming red fur balls .. and I forgot to mention several (not so furry) people around them, amazed and pretty much dazed, surrounded by all these beauties..

clear sign of the really good time I had, was the fact that the morning after (I got home at about 2AM..!) I slept quietly and peacefully till noon

I was so surprised when I saw how big he is already! we first met two weeks ago, when he slept in my hand.. now it’s more likely for him to sleep in one’s lap..! I wonder how big he’ll be in two weeks, when I’ll take him home (just in time for Christmas!)

I realized I attached the links from the Italian version of the website, so in case you want to learn more from Carla and Gianni (really nice guys – happily hosted by their cat family :)) here it is: Hic Sunt Leones

– – –

as for stitches, I received a wonderful package from Nina, with plenty of her threads and linens to fulfill my xmas “needs” and as soon as I finish something a friend of mine asked me to stitch for her*, it’ll be all about that!

behind you see Manu’s pillow, with lovely multi-coloured beads attached to the xmas tree
linens and threads for the upcoming projects Merry & Bright, Charmant Joyeux Noel, Maryse 2013 SAL and The Shop Around The Corner’s Mystery Christmas SAL

* now this is the weirdest among projects, I swear I’ll ever end up stitching: it’s a made for crochet chart, cross stitched on a heavy linen made for curtains cloth, with a #25 crochet thread (because it’s more long lasting  – yep, but it also looks HUGE) ..long story short, I agreed to do this the best I could, and although I’m horrified by how HUGE these stitches are turning out (not to mention the old fashioned baby angel depicted) the project is almost over – THANK GOD!

and saying I’ll be happy to go back to my 36/40ct. is, really, underestimating the ancientness (and weirdness) of the darn thing..

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and tunes.. we got ourselves the first hot chocolate ..and snow too!

let it snow

– – –

thank you all for the lovely comments, 

big hugs and many happy xxx



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