The Grey Tail

welcome buddy!

after two days at the expo in Verona, Taras finally made his way home.. I must say Carla and Gianni made a superb job with their kids, he travelled all the way home (more than hour of highway, plus a stop at the store for some litter, marshmallows, chocolate – the last minute things you always end up to run short at christmas’ eve) without even a moment of worry or a cry.. he slept in my sister’s lap, watched the view from the side window.. played with her while I went food shopping.. (yes, I was dead jealous of course)

then we got home and I found my mom rushing down the stairs and outside to see him first, rush us in “or you’ll all get a cold” and then watching him getting out of the travelling basket in my room – the one we picked as the first environment to get familiar with

he sniffed EVERY. SINGLE. THING. every corner, every surface, jumping from the bed to the armchair, sneaking under the bed, .. he also found the cat tree pretty attractive but hasn’t been sleeping on it yet. the first nap was for the armchair.. then the bed, when we all went to sleep – at about 2AM..! the entire family staring at the cat for hours.. WOW! mom even picked him up and hugged him – miracles were happening yesterday night, I tell you

we played a lot with feathers, balls, sleepers, .. then we slept in a huggily hug on the pillow all night long.. again, WOW!

first dinner
first nap
sneaking around the Christmas tree
Christmas Eve

expect tons of pictures every day, he won’t stay this little much longer (from now on he’ll gain 1 kg per month..!)

big hugs to you all

buon natale



15 thoughts on “welcome buddy!

  1. Oh my goodness, he’s adorable! And he’s such a good little boy, my cats would always have a FIT whenever they were in a car. Enjoy him! And give him a little hug from me too 😀


    1. we’re SO in the same situation Heather.. where time is going lately I have no idea..
      thank you all for the lovely words about Taras, he’s really handsome, and he’s even sweeter! he hugs himself while he sleeps.. oh good grace!! 😍


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