The Grey Tail

purr purr, yum yum

the entire family got trapped into the kitty madness, I’m telling you!

mom got crazy looking for dad yesterday evening, only to find him in my room playing with Taras, this morning the crazy lady insisted in bringing him downstairs while she played the piano (but I refused, for he hasn’t explored that place yet, and mornings – at about 7AM – it’s poo time, so I wanted him to be quiet and comfy.. therefore, of course, she got all bitchy about cats shouldn’t be trapped you know – as if two floors already available meant a trap..)

curious thing, she didn’t want him on the kitchen table.. I tell you, Taras will be all about the kitchen table.

we went to granny’s yesterday and she fell in love too, with him sniffing every corner, every room, and of course the kitchen table (blimey it makes you wonder how the two can be mother and daughter, then I think about me and my mother.. and I wonder how can we be mother and daughter?! bah..)

I took loads of pictures these days, I’ll add them later on when I het home.. but if you want a preview you can follow us on Instagram (look for nexthursday, my account) or on Twitter @nexthursday (this one works even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet) ..there are some very funny videos too, I might even set a Youtube account.. gosh! 😀

today we’ll go back to granny’s, and Taras (or Basil, he has both names.. and I’ll tell you more about them – I could blab about this kitty for weeks..) will have another bit of quail.. Carla and Gianni taught me about feeding cats raw food, which is great for them and respects their feeding nature much more than processed stuff: you only need to store it in the freezer for at least 3 days, so that all germs and bacteria dies. quails are great for they are rarely eaten these days, which means their meat contains less antibiotics and all that crap.. you cut it in portions before freezing it, leave it at least 72 hours in the freezer, take a portion out and let it defrost in the fridge using a tupperware container.. and then feed the cat all the omega3, calcium, taurine and proteins he needs

really inexpensive, and truthful to their nature.. you should see Taras crunching every bit..! of course he eats some cheese, other wet and dry food too: I want him to have the most complete diet possible, this baby has to grow long and strong, and gain 1 kg per month.. that’s 2 pounds! 😀

– – –

stitching of course has been pretty much neglected, but I’m happy to inform you the bow on the left of Un air de fȇte has been completely frogged and restitched.. now I’m working on the lower motif and might add a pic later on today

– – –

wishing you all the happiest holidays,

thank you for the lovely words about Taras, he’s a wonder indeed

big hugs to you all



5 thoughts on “purr purr, yum yum

  1. I love it when they’re kitties and everything is new and exciting for them! Really wish my husband wasn’t so allergic so I could get my own 😦 Oh well, I’ll have to live vicariously through you and Basil! 😛


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