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quick update

I’m in a bit of a hurry, so I’ll make it a quick post (mostly pictures, proof of the many stitching hours I had this weekend – YAY! :D)

I stitched most of the 4th part of Carole‘s Un air de fête SAL woohoo!! 😀

the outside motif is made of 3 different pinks – a wonderful palette in Nina‘s Prune, Peony and Cherry Blossom

sorry the picture came so dark – it’s supposed to snow these days, it has been raining all weekend and the sky is still pretty cloudy (perfect weather to me, don’t get me wrong – for pictures on the other hand..)

here’s an overall look at the project so far (sorry for the not ironing, I find a reason to iron at the end of each part, not in the middle ;))

this is a 36ct. linen worked over two with one ply of thread.. lots of work in a tiny little space 😉 – if you click on the pictures you should get a defined, larger view

– – –

and now a few moments of the little Taras, who is really hard to get while he’s awake: the moment you focus, he’s already jumped on you..! actually he loves being carried on the shoulder, on the back as a scarf, held like a baby, .. even mom let him climb up on her while she was cooking and dad checks on him before going to bed, going to work, going to eat, taking a nap, .. they’re all in love! who thought! 😀





he hugs himself while he sleeps all the time (he also hugs my head while he sleeps on the pillow.. lovely, even though I gasp a little for air after a while..! :D)



– – –

wishing you all the best, thank you for your lovely comments and emails, they’re always more than welcome

happy xxx



9 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Beautiful progress! You’re right, the color palette is gorgeous, especially against the color of the fabric. And Taras is ADORABLE! I kind of want to eat his face 😀


  2. Your kitten is so beautiful. the markings and fur are so pretty, and the color so soft. they sure do make themselves at home quickly don’t they? I am sorry I do not know if the kitten is a
    girl or boy. Does the name mean anything? I adore cats, we have 5 of them, they seem to find/adopt us. Enjoy !


  3. I just adore the SAL piece you’re working on; the colors are so pretty, as well as the motifs. I can’t wait to see it all stitched up. And of course, little Taras is precious!


  4. Questo SAL sta venendo benissimo. I colori sono spettacolari! Anche io non stiro mai prima di pubblicare un WIP. Sarà perché è l’unica cosa che odio fare dal più profondo del cuore? A me i rosa piacciono, ma con misura!


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