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one list, many updates

too many things going on. so many I’ll need to list them!

  • Taras is growing bigger and bigger by the day. he weights 3,8 kg (8,4 pounds) now, looks like a common adult cat – and is only 4 months and 19 days old! gosh!

[warning: massive quantity of kitty pictures – more nonsense following]


helping in the kitchen


wondering where the mouse is


playing with a yarn ball I made for him



brushing the belly and the neck are among his favourite spots, together with the tail



crazy looking eyes 😀


approving my storage system


the watcher


he’s such a poser.. I wonder who might have influenced him..






hugging himself while he sleeps.. aww!!



post bath softness


post bath injuries


(as I told you, he likes to stay in the water, being washed, brushed, cuddled and everything.. EXCEPT the hairdryer, as my hand is here to prove. got it kiddo, no hairdryer for you)







sleeping on Carole’s charts, cause he has to put an end to whatever you’re doing when you’re not looking at him





smiling while he sleeps


no filters on the next one so you can see how fluffy he looks




ready, steady, go!



the bed thief



the silly bunny


  • he caught a stupid virus and now has to take aerosols and integrators, hopefully antibiotics won’t be necessary since he has no temperature – check up this friday morning. stay tuned
  • I dedicated a lot of time to Carole‘s Un air de fête, reached part 5 of 9 and took a break in order to start Maryse‘s project for 2013, Home Sweet Home
progress on Un air de fête
[for some mysterious reason all pictures look blurry now, but if click on them, they open up just perfectly.. bah!]
tons of greens and reds (and you have no idea how many times I had to stitch, frog, restitch, frog, restitch, frog, .. those 6 little pine trees in the middle.. I miscounted so many times I thought I was completely gone nuts)
  • this new project requires a beige/dark fabric and just one lighter/white thread. there’ll be ornaments matching the bigger piece but they all remain a surprise.. thank you Maryse! 🙂
my own choice for this project: Nina’s 36ct. Roasted Coffee Beans and Pearl cotton threads
this is how I usually avoid miscounting when it comes to never-ending rows, which makes me rarely miscount when it’d be more reasonable for it to happen – and stitch a mess in silly areas where you’re working just 3 spaces to the right ..doh!
I received the charts for the first two squares, so I better hurry up
also, I guess I’ll work the outer border as I go, cause I get super bored after a while..!
  • I received some amazing gifts this Christmas, and planned some very funny myself. I also got sidetracked (or should I say furry-tracked ;)) and will send them off VERY fashionably late.. but I reckon that late presents are better than no presents.. plus, how many Christmas presents we usually get in February..? and why shouldn’t we?! 😀
lovely things I received from my dear friend Kaye @ Kitten Stitching: a chocolate tree which tasted delicious, a reusable hot bottle (the super cool chemical reaction in this tiny thing deserves a post of its own), a warm Christmas card (after all it’s summertime for Aussie Kaye!) and a wonderful chart for a bag I so want to start right now! thank you Kaye!!
  • I got back to my philosophy books, and I swear I won’t bother you with what they have to say, even though I find it extremely interesting and stimulating
  • my sis got hooked on intricate braids and hairdos on youtube, and I got to be her model a couple of times (she still needs to work on hiding all the bobby pins, other than that she’s allowed to do whatever she wants to my hair!)

  • I fell in love with this cyber stitcherama by Thea at The Victoria Sampler. I know, I know.. I promised not to start anything else for a while.. but there are incredible finishings! accessories! pouches! silk threads! cyber classes! cyber chats! oh good grace!! 😀
  • it’s called The Victorian Purse, and I’ll use Nina‘s linens (Beige and Vintage Powder Lilac dark), silk threads and ribbons – I should have come up with a nice palette, and as soon as I receive them all I’ll post a picture 🙂
  • all your wonderful compliments, comments and emails warm me up and flatter me and all my needles! thank you so so so much! I put a lot of thought into the stitches I make and what I use to make them (not to mention the money.. argh!) so knowing you all agree with me makes me awfully proud – and less guilty
  • I do feel guilty for not reading any of your blogs lately.. that’s too too bad.. even posting has fallen behind, dammit! I wish I could save 3 hours a day to blog reading & posting (this way I would catch up in a week or so..! gosh!)

– – –

a big hug to you all, 

thank you for being the friends you are 

happy xxx 

chiara & taras

P.S. if for some reason you’d like my conversion lists for threads and fabrics I’d be a. head over heels 🙂 b. more than happy to share them! use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)

11 thoughts on “one list, many updates

  1. Your stitching is beautiful! He is soooo cute!!!

    Quick question…I won a traveling pattern from you a while ago and I haven’t received it yet. I just wanted to make sure that you sent it…I think it got lost since it’s been so long.



  2. Taras is simply adorable! And very photogenic 🙂 My Maine Coon, Beanie, sleeps with this paws over his nose sometimes, too – cracks me up when he does! I love both pieces you are working on – those darker fabrics are really calling to me, though I have no idea what for 🙂 Have fun with the braiding – I can do my own basic French braid, but it’s more time than I have usually 😦


  3. Ciao cara, felice di rileggerti, pensavo a te giusto un paiio di giorni fa ed avrei voluto mandarti una mail … poi come ben sai le giornate fuggono via !!!
    Buona giornata Chiara!


  4. Love the pictures of your kitty! My Maine Coon loves to be brushed also. She will just flop on the floor belly up waiting for you to brush her. If you don’t notice immediately, she will start playing with her tail while belly up. So adorable!! Love your stitching too. Hope Taras gets better soon.


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