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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

while we’re still stuck under a snow blanket (which is getting thicker and thicker I must say) I decided to keep you posted with all the crazy things going on lately

Taras had his check up visit last friday, and he seemed alright. on saturday though I heard him sneeze a couple of times (which means the cold might be back), then on sunday I saw a little drop falling out of his nose (which means the cold is back), and this morning he also had some runs issues (with one of his white paws completely soaked up in the smelliest poo-shake ever!)

so I cleaned all I could with throw-away wet towels (saying it’s annoying for him is quite an understatement), then I clipped a lil bit the points of his claws, we got into the bathtub and then he finally felt a bit more comfy.. especially when we got to the rinsing part with hot water.. you could feel his heart beat, the look on his face.. he really likes getting soaked in hot water! the little rascal!

I made sure he had no poo (nor shampoo) on his fur anymore, then I wrapped him up in a warm towel, and cuddled him for a while in front of the electric heater – no hairdryer for him, my right hand learnt that lesson with me last time..

then I started combing and lifting his fur (otherwise he’d never get dry) and in half an hour there was a little, purring fur ball, all cleaned up, brushed, happy and GOOD smelling, thank goodness!

this, together with the non stop snow slowed down my schedule, even so I’m happy to say I’m about to finish the first square in Maryse‘s Home Sweet Home SAL, YAY! 🙂

unfortunately I couldn’t take an updated picture, the light is off now and I don’t want to wake Taras up, as soon as I can I’ll edit the post with an updated picture

last friday I also registered for the Victoria Sampler Victorian Purse Stitcherama, my very first cyberclasses, webcast project, and most of all my very first Victoria Sampler! 🙂

I picked my own choice of linens and silk threads and ribbons I should get this week from Nina, who again has been the dearest in taking care of my order so quickly – then I found some Hoffman fabrics that will be just perfect for the project, they should arrive in the next few days too

of course as soon as I get these beauties I’ll show you what I have in mind! (for a sneak peek see here and here)

just saturday morning I woke up to find out Thea made a lovely Victorian Pincushion matching the purse, and before I could go to the PO this morning and charge the card I use for online purchases, they went all out of stock, in a blink of an eye! luckily Thea said many others wanted to join too, so there’ll be a second installment for this webcast and cyberclass 🙂

I also got tricked into Belinda‘s Mystery Blue Jeans and Daisies, the chart is divided in three parts coming out in January/February/March and a springtime jumble in each one, with a mysterious riddle to solve.. (you find all the details in her website page)

she’s been so precise I took the chance and made conversions for this project as well (oh dear!) I also wrote an ONS to reserve the charts and get them as soon as the last one comes out (I wish I could already get the first one, which is available.. but I’m afraid shipping costs might make this counterproductive – plus, it’s not like I have nothing else to stitch while I wait for March to arrive..!)

– – –

it’s still snowing, everything is pretty much covered in white and the sky just turned pink, making everything even more surreal

thank you all for the lovely comments and emails, they always warm my heart and lift me up when I have a bad day

happy xxx


P.S. as promised, the travelling pattern left last friday for McKenna.. I felt so awfully embarrassed I completely forgot to ship it to her, I added a few gifts for her to enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  1. Oh wow, so many patterns, so little time… I’ve been really trying to control my spending habits online so my husband doesn’t kill me in my sleep 😀 Your purchases sound lovely, and very tempting!


  2. I see from your most recent post that Taras is feeling much better now. You’re lucky that he doesn’t mind being bathed. My Clarisse just hates it and fights us all the way!
    You have so many lovely projects on the go. I enjoy watching your progress.
    Our weather report here in Canada showed pictures of Greece and just how much snow you had received. We were hit by a snowstorm here last Friday and received over 30 cm of the white stuff!
    Stay warm!


    1. ciao Lynn!
      we heard about Nemo, and got our share too! Venezia got a 1.40 meters high high-tide..! a real disaster during the Carnevale..
      now the snow is slowing melting, but streets are back to normal, thank goodness!

      Taras loves water, and has been a little bathed when he was a kitty, that’s why he is not afraid of it now.. I never expected him to enjoy the rinsing so much: he stays calm and lets me do everything thoroughly (as long as there’s super hot water ;)) you can tell he really likes it!
      thank you for your lovely words abut my stitching, give Clarisse a hug from me and stay warm too! baci!


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