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square one

after all the aerosols and integrators Taras took last week, I’m looking at the same flu symptoms we thought he recovered from.. I went to the vet (another vet) this afternoon and we agreed on taking some distance from the treatments he followed last week, which were kind of aggressive and have backfired now.. he’ll have different (and lighter) aerosols twice a day to disinfect the respiratory tracts and probiotics to support an early migration of the runs.. 😉 anyways back to square one, poor Taras..

what is good about these car trips is that he really enjoys them 🙂 he chills out in the wicker basket, takes a nap, looks around from the window when I take him out (I use a seat-belt clip attached to the harness)

as you can see, driving with Taras is not a problem 🙂

stitchwise, I finally got the chance to finish the first square in Maryse‘s Home Sweet Home SAL, here are a couple of pictures (the one I promised you yesterday, and another one with the finished 61 x 61 square)

you can see how the Pearl thread is not entirely white, but has soft colour changes that give this piece the delicacy I was looking for.. hope you like it too 🙂

I really have to work on that outer border, this project consists of another 8 squares (3×3) surrounded by this outer border which looks so nice and quick, but actually takes hours and hours

next are a few pictures of the massive snow storm we had during the weekend and the last 24 hours, something  we hadn’t seen in ages






and here is Madame Muriel, all dressed up for this year’s Carnevale

I made her a feathery mask and a fan, traditional here in Venice

and I decorated her passport’s tag, hope Grace likes it!

she kept a multi-medial journal of her Italian journey, I’ll enclose it in a USB key together with her pictures and if I can I’ll post it here as well (there are some restrictions on wordpress as for the type of files you can upload without upgrading to the pro version)

now she’s ready to leave with maps, luggage, gifts, souvenirs and all she learnt while standing on my bookshelf, surrounded by Lego minifigs, sheep, books, books and more books (she learnt a few Italian words too ;))

– – –

last but not least, some kitty pictures 😉








– – –

thank you for your lovely comments and emails

hugs and happy xxx



10 thoughts on “square one

  1. LOVE that picture of Taras in the basket! I hope he gets rid of his bug soon, poor baby 🙂 Your SAL looks wonderful – but I know how those borders go, too – you’ll get it done 🙂


  2. I’m sorry your kitty isn’t feeling well–I’m sure he’ll be better soon! He sure is a pretty boy with gorgeous fur. He looks cute sitting in the blue bowl! Cats are so funny!


  3. Ciaaaaaaaaaao Chiara!!! E’ un po’ che non ci si sente…ma ti seguo sempre 😉 tutto bene? Il tuo gattino è sempre piu’ bello e le foto con la neve sono molto suggestive ma….brrrrrrr che freddo 😦 Complimenti per il ricamo, mi piace tantissimo il lino che stai utilizzando 🙂 🙂 🙂 Andrai a Creattiva di Bergamo? Io sto’ attendendo con impazienza la seconda edizione di Napoli 🙂 🙂 A prestooooo


    1. ciao Ilaria! 🙂
      grazie mille per i complimenti, sei sempre troppo gentile!
      a Bergamo non riesco proprio ad andare questo weekend, ho il controllo di Taras venerdì pomeriggio e se ci dovessero essere problemi (è solo uno stupidissimo raffreddore, niente di che, ma meglio non rischiare o sottovalutare niente) non posso prendere impegni per i giorni immediatamente dopo.. e poi devo prepararmi per il corso in webcast della prossima settimana, ho appena scoperto che non ho ancora trovato alcuni materiali aggiuntivi!! che testa che ho!!


  4. He’s so cute!! I can’t believe how chilled out he is in the car – my cats would raise holy hell whenever it was time to go to the vet. You’re really lucky!


    1. you should see him at the vet! 😀 he plays all the time, tries to sneak around and explore, ..
      thank you all so much for the lovely things about Taras, he’s such a sweetie pie 🙂


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