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the wrap it up in pictures post

ciao everybody! looks like I haven’t posted for a lifetime!!

and things haven’t improved much, cause I barely have time to write these words.. even so, here are some pics to prove you I’ve actually been doing something (mainly sleeping, eating, studying – sadly, in this order – taking pictures, cooking and eventually stitching)

have fun! hope you’re doing fine and enjoying these last bits of winter before that darn hot weather comes back

Taras is now 6 months old (and apparently prays for more food in his sleep)

pizza ai formaggi e funghi (pizza with 4 kinds of cheese and mushrooms)




the Victorian Purse kit arrived safe and sound within the two weeks time from the shipping, thank you Canada Post and Poste Italiane for not messing up with this! 😀

here you can see all the linens and threads carefully organized in a sturdy folder, loved all the care they put into this! it is such a treat!!

of course while I was unpacking, Baloo as I call him these days had to keep himself busy with the bin’s contents..

until he found peace in the box of course


now how could you tell anything to such a face! you see he knows he’ll get away with everything


from peeking into my storage boxes


to sleeping on the desk

and here is what a 1 euro app can do, amazing how it works! super easy, cheap and quite cool actually.. it’s called TangledFX


getting ready for a nap on the microwave oven



on the kitchen’s top




more cool effects from TangledFX, this one is called Swirls

and this one Cartoon



not much space left in this bowl, ain’t it?


the extreme nap: for hours with his face dug under the comforter

another effect, this one is Small Details



everything that is not nailed to the floor is a cat toy




dust! dust! I found dust!!








getting ready for the next level: the green bowl!!


or maybe I’ll just stick to all the boxes I can find

trying the silk ribbon work (Loop Stitch and Japanese Ribbon Stitch) on a doodle cloth

my final choice for the Victorian Purse:  Nina’s silks and linens, a couple of Gloriana threads and white Wisper from the kit

finally some stitching! this is the front of the purse, I added an awful lot of backstitching to the house (around windows, walls, doorsteps, ..), the smoke coming out of the chimney, the doorknob

then I stitched the sheep in French knots using Wisper threads (2 plies!! :D), and for this witty idea I must thank a mysterious stitcher who did so during one of Thea’s classes for the Victorian Purse. three fluffy happy sheep! 😀 😀 😀

(you can see the one on the left is in a different colour.. well, let’s say I had to take out some of my own Wisper because I cat I know found the white one irresistible)

directly under the cross stitched scene, there’s the Leaf Stitch row, silk ribbon work and a good start on the Bargello. the front of the purse is almost over! (unless I decide to stitch that third flower that doesn’t stay put properly.. who knows! :D)

now I must thank Thea, Lisa and everybody at Victoria Sampler, they made an incredible leaflet with all instructions needed to accomplish these stitches in the most successful way, the webcast classes provided many good hints and suggestions, both from the gals at VS and the other participants.. what a nice way to stay connected and work a tricky project like this one 🙂

I also had a sneak peek at the next Stitcheramas and chart releases for this year.. well, Thea, Linda and Cathy worked on some incredible pieces, I’ll definitely join at least 3 more Stitcheramas (in addiction to the Victorian Pincushion I signed up for in June)


turn the lights off, let’s get some sleep!

ok kiddo, off to sleep we go

– – –

take care,



14 thoughts on “the wrap it up in pictures post

  1. I love baloo’s pictures he sure is photogenic. Your needle work is fantastic!
    Can’t wait to see the finished product- purse. Take good care!


    1. thank you Dana for your lovely words!!
      I’ll do my best on the Bargello today and hopefully I’ll get to the back of the purse next week, it should be faster as there’re no landscape scene, just my initials 😉


  2. Chiara, your cat is so funny :))) I love the photos about your kitty 🙂
    And the progress is amazing, very beautiful piece!
    Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. thank you so much Nina!!
      the little rascal is so funny to live with, I wish I could take decent videos cause he makes you laugh all the time! 😄
      I’m happy you like the purse, can’t wait to get to the sides where there’s a nice intricate vine, and then all the smalls..!
      thank you again for the amazing threads, they make an exquisite palette 😊


  3. Wow, that purse looks gorgeous! Great job on it so far, you’re making great progress. And Taras is such a beautiful cat! He’s growing up so quickly. 😀


    1. thank you Sarah! I’ve seen your american quilt today, is such a wonderful piece! 🙂
      you’re right, the little baluba (Milanese dialect for “silly”) is growing up so fast, I look at him in the morning and see him longer than the night before (crazy I know, but it feels like an overnight growth sometimes! ;))


  4. Hi Chiara,
    Sorry that I haven’t been by for a visit for a while but I have had a lot going on with my Dear Mum being ill. Your Victorian purse is looking stunning – such delicate stitching and Taras is just too cute for words – ooh, how I want to give him a cuddle. Furio and Milo send their miaowy hellos.

    hugs, Kaye


  5. Thanks, Chiara, sometimes it is so hard to keep up with all the blog reading. My mum is a bit up and down. I feel a bit despondent at times because I feel with her being 91 and Dad, 93, I am not going to have them for much longer.


  6. Chiara, that has to be one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. I am totally in love with Maine Coons. I think I would give up my first-born kid for a gorgeous cat like yours. He is so pretty! Don’t know which I like better…your stitching or your cat. Envious of both! I plod along, but your progress and stitching are both exemplary! Hugs, Melissa


    1. hahahaha!! 😂😂😂
      you made me start the day with a laugh!! thank you Melissa!!
      he really is a charming one, but what strikes me all the time is that he’s attitude is even better. he’s friendly, cuddly, funny, self controlled, playful, warm..
      he surprised our vets too, they said he’s the best cat they ever visited. you can check every single thing, he lets you.
      and I really have to thank Carla and Gianni for this, it’s due both to the environment he was born into and BaBa’s predisposition. during the three months he spent with his mom, dad, brothers and sisters they taught him not to fear human contact and all sorts of things, from water to driving in a car, ..
      btw if you follow the link you find pictures of the litter, the parents and relatives, the new rascals, .. 😀


      1. Went to a Cat Fanciers Association show here in Little Rock a couple of years ago. One lady was showing her Maine Coon…great big, goofy and totally beautiful cat. His legs were so long and he wasn’t the most graceful, so she called him Lummox. Loved the name!
        Squeak is a rescue kitty – got her from one of the local shelters. She immediately took over the house and it’s been hers ever since. Very smart, playful and social. She assumes the doorbell ringing means someone is here to pay attention to her! Pretty much fearless too. She really is a great companion for both of us.
        Thanks for the link…I will definitely use it. Off to renew my driver’s license in a bit. Oh joy!


      2. Lummox is such a great name, you’re absolutely right!
        we rescued the cat we had before Taras, Oliver. he left us last November, after 17 years. he was the wildest cat I’ve ever met, super cuddly and friendly with the people he liked, a real beast with everybody else. take the dog that attacked Taras, well Oliver made him ran home one afternoon, he even chased him inside his very own garden. even Boxer dogs feared him! go figure!
        our visits at the vet were a real tragedy, he wouldn’t let anybody near to him, even driving was impossible. this way I had to resort to a closer vet, no travelling, .. combing was a suffering for both of us, and his fur was much thicker and wooly than BaBa’s so it was absolutely necessary to comb him. but he never realized we were only taking care of him. he took all these things as aggressions. he even got scared at the first sight of a broom cause the people who had him before us used to beat him. poor Oliver.. he was so happy once we took him in, he actually moved by himself into our home. we accepted a decision he already made for us 😉
        he spent 10 joyful years with us. we still miss a lot him and talk about him every day, what a sweet rascal he was.
        good luck with your driving exam, I really don’t look forward to mine! 😉


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