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it’s good to be back!

hey hey! it’s good to be back after losing my blogging mojo for such a long time!!

I honestly don’t know how it happened. time runs shortly as usual and I preferred spending these beautiful spring days in the garden rather than typing.. I know it’s quite selfish but this time winter seemed to never end and once I finally got the chance to take Taras out we couldn’t stop! 😉

Plablita finished her hibernation too*, she looked like a wreck, poor lady, so I gave her a warm, hydrating bath and now she’s walking around in the sunshine. well done big girl! 🙂

good to see you back Pablita!
what exactly are you?
can you see the hunter approaching?

our cherry tree about to bloom
what’s that?

before I get dragged by something else, I’d like to mention that today Italy celebrates Liberation Day from the nazi occupation, and since much of our reconstruction process is due to the US I guess I should pass you on our thanks yankees! 😉

we had lots going on in Italy lately; a post-election tie and consequent crisis, the election of the new President of the Republic – better called reelection, as for the first time in history the previous president has been reelected for another 7 years, a bet on lifetime expectancy too, as he’s already 87!

you can tell I’m not too pleased with this choice. this country never changes and that’s a major issue for young people here, where unemployment level has gone back to 30 years ago and defautwise we’re about to reach the point of no return.. argh!

well, in spite of all this crisis talking, we were shocked to see what happened in Boston. I hope everyone you know is safe and sound, and that we stop making such tragic memories. for what it matters, we feel for your losses too.

– – –

moving on to happier thoughts, Taras is finally 7 months old! we celebrated at the vet’s, having x-rays (!) cause he caught a darn gastroenteritis and started vomiting and making the smelliest liquid poo I’ve ever seen..! poor kiddo!

I took him to the vet straight away and we stayed there until 8PM, when we were sure no surgery was needed. he had a bit of IV to restore hydration, meds and antibiotics for the temperature and sickness.

he went back to the usual crazy kitty in a few hours (thank goodness!) and he spent the following days recovering indoors as another shot of bad weather came along. he had the last check-up yesterday and was feeling so at ease he jumped all around exploring (but that’s typical of him, even at the vet’s) and when he was done, he layer down on the table and went to sleep, purring. what a kitty!








you didn’t need this bag, did you?
playing with the pom-pom pillow (we later found out he eats the wool out of the pom-poms..)


the morning after the gastroenteritis, sleeping next to my mysterious stitching 🙂
spending a happy easter at Granny’s!


supervising in the kitchen


and in the dishwasher! 😀


we’ll need a bigger armchair







talking about crazy things, he loves playing with water, I’m serious. we open the hose we use to water the plants in our garden, and he starts chasing the spray until he gets all wet 🙂

he also hunts bees and wasps, got stung twice already but keeps on trying – also, that’s how we found out he’s NOT allergic to wasps stings, luckily! :O

we also had a pretty frightening encounter with our neighbour’s dog (a big Boxer) that jumped over our backyard’s fence cause he wanted to play with the water too. he’s a really nice dog, but he scared me a little as he’s not properly trained – I reckon big dogs should never be left untrained. well, we’re about to put a high hedge all around and it’ll be fine for everybody

his breeder, Carla, told me they’re building a cat swing at her place, ad they’re moving to a bigger house with a garden.. it goes without saying Taras will get a cat swing too! 🙂 luckily for us dad is into DIY and stuff like that, he built our kids’ swings back in the days.. and this time we’ll see him working on cat stuff too

– – –

and now off to stitch stuff! 🙂 there’s a big riddle thing I’ve been planning for the last few days so you better come around tomorrow, as I’ll be announcing how it works!**

as for the rest of my stitching, I finally finished the front of the Victorian Purse and started working on the back, this is such a lovely piece.. I forgot to take a picture but I’ll add one in tomorrow’s post

this is an old picture, I’m already working on the outer border and the 9 squares are almost done

I got all I need for the finishings from Cathy at Inspired Needle and will start the laborious process asap. the Victorian Pincushion Stitcherama starts in only a month or so! I also got tricked into Belinda‘s mystery Blue Jeans and Daisies. charts should arrive with Cathy’s stuff, while linens and threads arrived from Hungary a few weeks ago (you’re right, more Nina stuff! :D)

new linens from Nina
linen and threads for Blue Ribbon Designs’ Mystery “Blue Jeans and Daisies”
28ct. linens for the upcoming Stitcheramas and a great chenille ribbon (check the note Nina added on the card! hahaha!!)

I made my own conversion and decided to use a higher count (36ct.) than the one suggested, Belinda (such a kind, lovely person) likes them too! 😉

I made conversions for my own Mary Wigham (oh dear!), but I’ll get these supplies in a few weeks time – and it’s all your fault Karen, you know it!!***

through The Attic and dear Jean I joined Eugenia Tuffet’s Travels too, a pretty witty project they had at JABC, if you want to check it out she has a Facebook page too! :O

and finally I bothered my old friend Bobbie for the Victorian Shoe Etui supplies. now this was the most intriguing piece I saw from Nashville’s reports this year, and I just had to give it a go! there are many other things I added to my Nashville wishlist but they’ll have to wait – I’m packed with stitching for a lifetime already!

I’ll get the chance to add a few things to my Attic monthly orders (the Tuffet’s Travels project lasts 11 months) and one for sure will be LHN‘s mystery Song of the Seasons that Diane will release this June.. YAY!

looks like our favourite designers got into this mystery madness too uh?! well, I’m off to some stitching on the riddle piece, write you tomorrow!

oh, I forgot to mention, there’ll be a prize for the first one to guess! 🙂

– – –

take care,

big hugs and happy xxx


– – –

* so much for my mom calling her dead  throughout the entire winter..! I swear that woman thinks she knows it all in spite of the fact that she’s wrong 99% of times. that’s what believing in yourself is about people!! 😀

** we’re about to celebrate my 1st blogoversary, you know 🙂

*** Karen over at On Beads and Needles finished her marvelous MW over one on 32ct. (!!!) lately, and reminded me I always wanted to stitch my own (so much for my No new starts resolution for 2013)

8 thoughts on “it’s good to be back!

  1. Good to hear from you again! I’m so glad Taras is doing better. He’s such a cutie! And you’ve got some really beautiful stitching projects and supplies right now – can’t wait to see what you make of it all! 😀


  2. Oh, that, Taras…what a lovely fellow!

    LOL at you being “tricked” into starting a SAL…it would never happen. 😉

    I had not seen that shoe pincushion…that is wonderful!!


  3. Taras loves Spring, you can tell! Glad he felt better quickly!
    Yeah, you tricked into a mystery – haha! But then, that’s kinda how I started Mary Wigham, so I understand how it happens 🙂


  4. Lovely to see you back blogging just in time for your blogaversary. Beautiful fabric colours in your new stash. And I did laugh at you being “tricked” into joining a SAL!
    Taras really is looking gorgeous and fluffy! Unless your mobile rock oops sorry, tortoise.


    1. yeah well.. SALs are a tricky thing, you know how these things happen – and having startitis means I’m not entirely responsible for my actions.. don’t think there’s rehab for it, so.. 😀
      thank you all for your lovely words about Taras (he’s such a sweet little fellow) and my recent stash, I had the denim linen dyed upon request – Nina has been amazing, as usual 🙂


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