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a stitched enigma

I wondered how to celebrate my first blogoversary for quite some time cause I wanted it to be something funny and challenging at the same time. loving riddles myself I thought I could work on a stitched enigma for you! 😀

a few days ago I had this weird feeling I wanted to stitch something with solid colours, and looking at the ones I had at hand, my mind drifted to a very old stitched piece, actually one of my very first projects.

I looked for it and found it in my very first WIP basket – with my eyes jumping out as I looked at this horridly worked piece of Aida cloth, with 3 plies of Anchor threads (2 for the backstitching – really!) making a mess on both  front and back.. good grace!

back in the days I bought all I needed to stitch it but never finished it (all that stitching with 3 plies drove me mad from the very beginning). I have no idea where the original chart is, it must be hiding somewhere in a drawer.. anyways, I found out that the freebie is still available online and right now I’m working on a new (much improved) edition, after a little colour correction that took me at least 4 hours anyways 😀

so here’s the deal: I’ll post a hint and picture every day until the 3rd of May – when my blog celebrates it’s first anniversary

if by that time nobody has guessed the name of this cross-stitch chart and its designer, we can either go on or call it a day.. I have no idea if this is super hard or super easy to guess.. I’ve always had this piece in my mind and could recognize it from looong distance, but I have no idea about the rest of you!

there’ll be also a classic drawing among all the participants, with another prize, but I really hope the what-the-heck-is-she-stitching?! factor drives you nuts for a few days 😉

I really hope the hints and pictures will help you out, and by all means feel free to give me as much feedback as you want about this!

you can participate by adding a comment on this post, and the following ones of course. you can comment as many times as you want, I’ll count one entry per person (if you don’t have a blog, leave an email address so that I can contact you). feel free to send the word, the more the merrier! 😀

now let’s get started!

stitch enigma – part 1

1st hint: it is a freebie featuring a famous designer’s chart, distributed by Anchor to promote a special thread, something sparkling and pretty new at that time

[Wordpress does this every time: small, blurry, pictures unless you open them in a new window. just click on the image for a bigger and neat view]

– – –

Taras pulled out such a scene this morning, I couldn’t help posting it here too :)(btw you can follow us on Instagram at nexthursday)


taking over the kitchen – part 1


taking over the kitchen – part 2


basically taking over everything you own, people!

– – –

good luck with the stitched enigma and have fun! 🙂

see you tomorrow for the next hint!

happy xxx



8 thoughts on “a stitched enigma

    1. I’m happy you like it too Sarah! hold your horses for now, and feel free to write me suggestions about this 🙂
      off working on this piece, I had frogs visiting today 😮


  1. Beautiful Taras – those eyes! As for the enigma, I have no idea yet – if it’s anything to do with Anchor, I probably never will guess it, as Anchor is almost non-existent here 😦 But I look forward to seeing it emerge just the same 🙂


    1. thank you Karen!
      as for the Anchor issue, I can assure you, while trying not to give away a single bit, that you have 100% of chances to know this designer – you’ll see when the other hints come out 🙂
      plus, it could have been published somewhere else too, that’s just how I came across it 🙂
      you better stop showing off gorgeous stuff or I’ll go bankrupt much sooner than everybody else here!! 😮 😉


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