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the enigma continues

I’m really happy you’re enjoying the riddle thing. as an upside I’m madly working on this piece, preparing the work-in-progress pictures (which require, well, progress!) for the next week

the second pic shows just a little more cause I don’t want to give away too much too soon, but I promise the next one will be of great help in guessing the designer/chart title 🙂

stitch enigma – part 2

2nd hintthe freebie dates back to 1998 and has handwritten symbols. it is still available as a downloadable chart. the designer’s style is really unique, allowing her a career in all kinds of crafts and illustrated publications.

 – – –

in case you want to participate, just read the directions in this post and add a comment (here, there – doesn’t matter) with your guess 😀

– – –

Taras took his extreme naps to a whole new level this morning, enjoy! 😀


– – –

enjoy the weekend and keep stitching!



2 thoughts on “the enigma continues

    1. thank you Kaye!
      I made a video of him snoring, cause I was sure a picture wouldn’t be enough to prove he actually liked sleeping upside down 😀
      as for the enigma, there’ll be big progress in today’s pic. hope it helps (but not too much! 😉 )


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