Stitch enigmae

a stitched enigma – part 3

still trying to understand what happened this morning outside the residence of our PM.. between breaking news and TV specials I realized I better publish the third part of the enigma, before I – once again – completely forget about this

– – –

here is a short recap of the previous hints, followed by today’s updates. enjoy!

1st hint: it is a freebie featuring a famous designer’s chart, distributed by Anchor to promote a special thread, something sparkling and pretty new at that time

2nd hintthe freebie dates back to 1998 and has handwritten symbols. it is still available as a downloadable chart. the designer’s style is really unique, allowing her a career in all kinds of crafts and illustrated publications.

stitch enigma – part 3

3rd hint: the new shiny thread is a golden metallic thread. it’s used for a little cross stitching and many backstitched details. this designer’s pieces have LOTS of backstitching and quarter stitches. LOTS.

– – –

enjoy the rest of the weekend,

happy xxx



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