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another hint and a few answers

first of all, let me express my sorrow for the tragedies that occurred in Bangladesh and Prague. I’ve been following the news with concern and deep sadness.

– – –

I’ve been reading your comments and decided to answer a few of your questions:

Karen mentioned the Anchor issue (cause Anchor isn’t equally famous in the US and Europe), well this freebie featured Anchor threads and was distributed by an English company, but the designer is 100% American

Joanne asked if the one wearing those checked trousers is a snowman. nope, Jo

– Teresa, good guess! but it’s not Mary Engelebreit. the designer’s initials will be revealed in the 6th hint

now a recap with the previous hints and tomorrow’s updates (everybody can join, just read the rules in this post and start guessing! – you can guess as many times as you want, I’ll count your name only once for the regular drawing on my blogoversary, not this one ;))

1st hint: it is a freebie featuring a famous designer’s chart, distributed by Anchor to promote a special thread, something sparkling and pretty new at that time

2nd hintthe freebie dates back to 1998 and has handwritten symbols. it is still available as a downloadable chart. the designer’s style is really unique, allowing her a career in all kinds of crafts and illustrated publications.

3rd hintthe new shiny thread is a golden metallic thread. it’s used for a little cross stitching and many backstitched details. this designer’s pieces have LOTS of backstitching and quarter stitches. LOTS.

stitch enigma – part 4

4th hintthe theme for this piece is the cross-stitch festivity par excellence.*

– – –

here is a VERY late TUSAL update that gives me the opportunity to show off my latest TUSAL tin box, which used to have chocolates inside. mom took it home already empty 😉 but I like the drawings more than the chocolate opportunity (which is sayin’ something! :D)

by the looks of this funny cat, I’d say it’s Alex Scheffler’s work (the German guy that illustrated the Gruffalo stories and many other books by Julia Donaldson – love them all!)

the glimpse of spring we had suddenly vanished and ruined all the flowers on our cherry tree. by the time I could go outside with Taras, this was the mess I found.. 😮

Taras went a little grumpy during those cold, rainy days (we actually lighted up the fireplace one last time! :o) and was incredibly happy to be finally able to enjoy the garden again! 🙂

there’s a wasp there, and I’ve got to have it!
hunting for lizards

Pablita enjoyed her lunch in the sunshine

just in time, cause the rain came back that same day and will be coming and going all week. thank goodness there was a box waiting for little Grumpy on the kitchen floor 😉



last but not least, a report with my latest epic fail

I had one job..

– – –

have a nice week and keep on guessing!

happy xxx



* so you’re right Jo, it’s a Christmas design! 😉


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