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the enigma revealed

yesterday evening I got two surprising comments in a row, first Cheryl got the designer of the mysterious piece I’m working on, Alma Lynne, well done Cheryl! 🙂

then our witty mouse (my very first follower!! :D) got the jackpot 😉

it is Santa Bunny indeed, well done my friends! 🙂

now, since the mystery kind of vanished, there are a few things to fix: the regular blogaversary draw is still on, so everybody who already commented in the 4 previous posts have a chance to win, for all the others there’s a special post here (don’t forget my blogaversary giveaway closes at midnight between May 3rd and May 4th).

I already picked the gifts for everybody (mouse, the blogaversary winner and Cheryl – I decided to add her cause she was the first to guess the designer’s name, she deserves it! :)) and will get them in a few days. can’t wait to see them in your hands! 🙂

I must say, this geeky enigma thing has been so much fun! I should have more of these (considering the amount of WIPs I have it shouldn’t be a problem either..!)

just for the sake of it, I’ll post you the following hints that would have been published in the 4 remaining days.

1st hint: it is a freebie featuring a famous designer’s chart, distributed by Anchor to promote a special thread, something sparkling and pretty new at that time

2nd hintthe freebie dates back to 1998 and has handwritten symbols. it is still available as a downloadable chart. the designer’s style is really unique, allowing her a career in all kinds of crafts and illustrated publications.

3rd hintthe new shiny thread is a golden metallic thread. it’s used for a little cross stitching and many backstitched details. this designer’s pieces have LOTS of backstitching and quarter stitches. LOTS.

4th hintthe theme for this piece is the cross-stitch festivity par excellence.

5th hint: for this very colorful piece, I used DMC threads and changed the tones a little. the original version is really close to this one, but has an outer border in baby teal and contrasting bright yellow.

6th hint: in case the country style and all that backstitching didn’t give her away already, the designer’s initials are A. L.

7th hint: no human figure is depicted, even so the animals depicted are properly dressed with bow ties and festive clothes.

8th hint: looong looong ears for this very special Santa.. !

 – – –

now a few things about this chart: since it’s such a nice piece, and it’s still downloadable on Coats’ website, here is the link and a PDF with the DMC conversions I made 🙂

Santa Bunny info

WIP – Santa Bunny

don’t forget there are still 4 days for the giveaway!  🙂

– – –

big hugs and happy xxx



4 thoughts on “the enigma revealed

  1. SO CUTE! I wasn’t even close, though 😛 I was really convinced it was a regular Santa piece. Great mystery, Chiara! You should definitely do more of these 😀


  2. Congrats to the winners! I would never have guessed the answer. This is the first time that I see this chart. I am familiar with Alma Lynne though and something about the design did look familiar to me! It was a fun mystery.


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