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the happier post

now, on a happier note – and we really need a happier note after my last post – I’ve just been joined by one young fellow who recently turned 8 months old 😉

here’s where we left him, resting after too much work with that Nutella tart
and here is the baked (but not yet covered with icing sugar) tart. I made two with an overall Nutella content of 1,2 kg! argh! I’ve heard they tasted pretty good though 🙂

he just stopped arguing about the rain and decided to lay down beside me for a nap. thank goodness! he’s so playful he steals any trace of spare time from me, especially when the sun comes out. I managed to take a few pictures a week ago, when we had a kind of cold, but still sunny morning.

investigating under the jujube tree
and what’s THAT?!
looks like I’m romantically smelling the flowers, but I’m actually chasing a bee, sorry ladies.
swimming in a flowery bush (you should’ve seen the bush afterwards..)


one of his favourite spots for hiding, the peony bush. unfortunately all the rain and winds that came in the afternoon ruined it completely

I don’t know if you follow the comments to this blog via email, I know it can be awfully annoying when you already have loads of mail coming through so don’t trouble yourselves with that. still, pop there every know and then, I like to answer the comments and possibly add stuff and links too. for instance this morning I mentioned little Taras likes to get in the way of people, well he did so with the old lady too, check this out 😉

you shall not pass!
hey, kiddo, I’ll climb you if I have to.. 🐈 🚠 🐢
not if I start hugging you, stubborn old lady! 🐢 ❤ 🐈
I insist, ladies first! 🐢 🚨 🙀 😱

and in case you have a constant need for kitty pictures, you can follow us on Instagram by looking for nexthursday 😉

last but not least, an account of the deep scare he gave me a couple of weeks ago when he managed to escape without anyone noticing it, and spent the night outside. he also got into a cat fight at 5 in the morning, when I woke up remembering the cat fights I had to deal with with Oliver, and realized in shock what was happening. I ran for him but didn’t make it in time, finding a mess of grey, white and red fur on the street. I started calling and calling, up and down the street in my pyjamas.. and when he finally popped up out of nowhere my heart sank and sprang up at the same time.

I know he’s a cat and some people don’t take these things too seriously, still Oliver wouldn’t definitely have lived 17 years if I let him get into all the fights he wanted, actually I got pretty good at getting in their way without a scar, and that’s saying something when it comes to angry cats. plus, little Taras looks much older than he actually is, he still hans’t been neutered (doing it at this stage would block his natural growth and development) and I preferred not to add any other vaccine to the yearly dose he’s supposed to get. since injections (and vaccines in general) can be dangerous, I reckon that the fewer punctures he gets, the better. therefore he didn’t have the anti rabies vaccine, neither the leukemia. :O

he looks alright tough, first thing in the morning I called the vet and went to see him in the afternoon. he’s touched and lifted, and lifted and touched every inch of him (with Taras’ blessing, who purred all the time) and didn’t feel/see any scratch of bite. all this time he’s been fine and healthy, so I guess we’ll have some blood tests in a few months to see if anything nasty spread, otherwise we’ll call that his Harrison Ford night 😉


– – –

now I didn’t forget some of you are waiting for their giveaway prizes, together with one Madame Muriel, who is all packed to go home! more about this in tomorrow’s post. this one is so packed, the page froze and I don’t want to lose all the nonsense I wrote so far. writing nonsense is bad enough the first time! 😉

– – –

big hugs to you all.

take care and enjoy the weekend




2 thoughts on “the happier post

  1. Just hope that Taras never hears that “chicks dig scars” or he’ll be out picking fights all the time 🙂 My 20 pound ball of hunting trouble is currently on house-arrest – he left us a mangled bunny under the steps the other day 😦 Bunnies & Lizards are OFF LIMITS.


    1. I surely hope so too Karen! and he waited till 5 in the morning before getting in trouble, so I guess he hasn’t been a bad guy all night long. still, even the thought of all that could have happened to him in those hours drives me mad. I couldn’t stand any of it.
      20 pounds! Karen, you’ve been raising a tiger! and a pretty good hunter too! I feel so sorry for the bunny, and the lizards, couldn’t agree more: house confinement will, hopefully, teach him a lesson! 😮


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