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the sad post

right now a cold wind is blowing out of the windows, I’m piled under a comforter, sweatshirt and warm pyjamas. definitely not what I expected for the end of May. not that I’m complaining, trust me, I’d rather spend the entire summer feeling cold rather than sweaty.. still, all this autumn weather is saying something to us, and I’m afraid it’s not good news.

in the past few years northern Italy has witness some unusual events, unfortunately tragic ones too, with heavy rains, winds and twisters. although in a much lighter form than the ones we saw hitting the US in the news this far (and I hope all of you out there, your families and friends are safe and sound after what happened in Oklahoma City) this is just not the way things happened around here, but I guess it’s all part of the world changes. sigh.

sorry, I’m awfully gloomy these days but honestly with all that’s happened this week I don’t see much to laugh about. it has been a year this week since the first, terrible earthquake in Emilia Romagna, and unfortunately the situation there is far from solved. Italy is so packed with corruption and politicians wheeling and dealing everything has to cost at least twice as much to be done, cause of course their bribes have to come first.

again, pretty glooming thoughts, I know. but also this week, it has been 21 years since anti-Mafia magistrates Falcone and Borsellino have been murdered, and it’s getting clearer and clearer what was behind all those massacres Italy witnessed in the 90s. they were threatens , and the very same people sitting in our parliament today, instead of fighting, made a pact with the Mafia – and once it’s done there’s no way of coming back. we see it every day, in every highway that never gets finished, in every building that collapses cause it wasn’t built following the rules. corruption is so endemic in this country, we often dream about how it’d be without all this. a real paradise, I guess.

again, more sadness, I know.. especially cause I left another tragedy, a personal one, for last. a guy I knew and worked with a few years ago recently died in the most terrible circumstances. he had a bowel infarction caused by an overdose and died in hospital after a few weeks in a coma. it’s so surreal for a young guy like he was, a happy guy as far as I’ve known him, to come to the end his life like this.

I’ve been speechless about this, and still reckon nobody can judge other people’s actions, especially when they paid with their life for them. this has led to major arguments with my sister (as if she needed sparks for that) who has been walking with the truth in her pocket all these years, laying down the law for us all. but that’s an entire topic I don’t want to dignify by writing about it.

– – –

well, that’s enough sadness for one post, I must say!

it’s still raining and I can’t think of anything else to do than starting a new one with much lighter stuff for us to cheer up.

– – –

sending you all my best wishes and

thank you for listening to my rant this far,



4 thoughts on “the sad post

  1. Oh Chiara..
    I wish I could bring some sunshine to Italy for you emmmm
    Cheer up my friend.. and.. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of a fellow colleague.. My condolences..


  2. I can sympathize with you on the weather and the politics – both are off-kilter here as well, and nothing to be done about either, for the most part. My condolences on the loss of one of your co-workers; I lost one a few months ago, too, to cancer. The sad part is, we’d never actually met, as he worked at a different location, but we talked on the phone pretty often and traded e-mails frequently, work and non-work.
    I guess all we can do is hang in there and hope for the best!


    1. thank you all for the kind words. you’re right Karen, there’s not much we can do apart from feeling sorry for the ones we lost.
      in my case I worked with him, and actually for him, as he owned a confectionery shop together with his brother. I spent all my weekends and holidays with them, from early in the morning till late in the evening, mainly serving, cleaning, catering, and one time I helped him preparing the crème Chantilly. nothing special, for such big quantities you just drop the right amount of milk, whipped cream and powdered mixtures in a machine at the right time.. and I had so much fun pretending I didn’t remember if I did things right, it drove him mad for a good minute! 🙂
      I’m sorry for your co-worker, I lost most of my relatives to cancer. it must have been so sad for you and everyone who knew him. I guess all we can do is take with us the good memories we have of everyone we met. lots of hugs


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