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gifts and goodbyes

although I didn’t blog, I have been up to a few things lately. one of them was preparing the gifts for the blogaversary winners 🙂

now you didn’t think I was going to spoil all the surprise, did you?! 😉

there are a few other things I cannot photograph cause I won’t wrap them, so.. big suspense! 😀

I don’t know if you did your math but they look a little too many – after all we got only 3 winners from the blogaversary + stitched enigma ..well, there has been Madame with me all this time, and I thought it’d be nice of me to add a few more things before she leaves.. and it’s time! so take a look at her, all wrapped up in bubbles! 😀

Madame all loaded for her journey to Arizona

actually a few things didn’t make it into the box and will be shipped in an envelope. there’s enough room here, but we have to respect some weight restrictions when shipping internationally, that’s why a second shipment is in order.

I should let you know that Madame wrote an interactive journal while she was here, and I’ll be publishing it as a downloadable PDF in the next few days. I’ll also send it to Gracie so that she can have it on her blog too, Needles Pins and Dragonflies

now Gracie deserves all my thanks and apologies for such a long waiting, all sorts of things happened since Madame arrived. I got a life-sucking job, I got sacked, poor Oliver left us, a new kitty arrived, .. I got absorbed in way too many things I definitely did not expect nor planned, and I’m sorry. keeping up with me must have been hard for you too, I can’t understand how you made it this far honestly! 😮

well, Madame has seen and done all she could, I was sure by this time we’d have been able to get to Villa Pisani again and finally reach the tower in the center of the maze, but considering all the bad weather we’ve had and the fact that the maze stays closed at the very first sign of rain.. this is the closest we got 😦

Muriel (periscope version)
Muriel (periscope version)

– – –

you must be wondering why I’m hiding all the stitching pictures.. well it’s because, I’m afraid and ashamed to inform you, we have another start! 😮

I mentioned this some time ago, and some of you already know about it cause we discussed it in our emails or over the phone.. so for now I’ll give you just a stash picture. again, Nina‘s linen and threads of my own choice.

Nina’s 36ct. Denim linen and cotton threads Pecan, Caramel, Old Lace, Rooster Combs, Hunter, Moss, Crystal, Sailor, Sea Breeze, Dark Chocolat, Punk, Carnival, Champagne

guess what it is! 😀

– – –

I guess that’s all for today, I’m fixing the last, few details on Madame Muriel‘s interactive journal. it should be ready in a few hours 🙂

– – –

enjoy the weekend

happy xxx


sorry, I couldn’t leave you without a kitty picture, could I? 😉

a post without a kitty picture?? where is the world going?!

2 thoughts on “gifts and goodbyes

  1. oooooo I was just about to email and say I have stalked the postie and nothing had arrived …lol .. PHEW it is still safe with you … they look really inviting and I can’t wait to get my paws on my wee surprise ….
    love those colours on that fabric, …. and hope madam makes it safely back home again …. and awwwwwwww that picture is soooo cute 🙂 love mouse xxxxx


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