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a minor update

as part of my What are you stitching? fun, here’s an update on this lovely spring-time project

see that lovely border? it’s made with Carnival, I crossed every stitch as I worked it, so that the shades progress with continuity. [always click on the pictures for larger views]

then a few kitty updates, who by the way just jumped into a wardrobe – looking for Narnia I suppose

8 months old, 5,6 kg and definitely too big for his old beddy!
you thought you brought this glass upstairs for you. you were wrong.
too tired for words
aha! fresh bed sheets!!

– – –

that’s all for today I’m afraid,

thank you all for the lovely comments and emails.

welcome to all the viewers and new followers!


5 thoughts on “a minor update

  1. Carnival looks so nice stitched – I didn’t think so early I will lik it :))
    Great progress, and nice photos about your cat :))


    1. of course it looks great, Nina! it’s a wonderful thread! 🙂
      I was supposed to use Punk for this border, but the variations in Carnival looked just perfect – and so they do now!


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