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playing and stitching

continuing the quest for a regular update, I’ve been writing and scheduling all the recent posts. seems to work for now 🙂

first a little game Taras never gets tired of 🙂

I got one! I got one! [cotton buds. best cat toy in the world.]
you didn’t take this huge blanket out for nothing, you wanted to play hide and seek, right?! yes!
didn’t you forget something, Taras?
ooooh she found me! I wonder what gave me away..

– – –

today it’s election day in many towns in Italy, the most important being Rome! I’ll follow the special on TV until I’ll have to take the little rascal to the vet check-up. if everything is alright he’ll get the rabies vaccine and a microchip.. I’m really scared for something to go wrong, so fingers crossed! :O

last but not least, a stitching update on the blue linen project

the linen colour got a bit off here, it’s more truthful in the previous pictures. even so, the first block is finished! 🙂

– – –

thank you all for the lovely words and comments

have a nice week


7 thoughts on “playing and stitching

  1. Taras is SO CUTE! Oh my goodness. And your progress is coming along beautifully. I love the colors of the thread against the blue fabric!


    1. thank you Sarah! I gave Taras a little hug from you 🙂
      thanks for the comment on the colours, I love them too, and I couldn’t wait to stitch on a blue fabric like this one, it’s my first time and I’m really pleased with everything 🙂
      I got enough for a few smalls too: a needle book, pincushion, scissor fob and a lovely box lid! if only I could buy more time, and a spare back! 😀


      1. LOOOOL… I know what you mean about the spare back. I spend so much time stitching some days that when I get up all my bones hurt. Is that weird? I feel so old! 😦


    1. thank you Minnie! the vet and I agreed on waiting one more week, during the visit he felt his belly still a little gassy and we’d rather postpone the vaccine rather than rushing it.
      that’s one of many blocks to stitch, but a pretty one indeed! 🙂
      btw, any guesses on what it is I’m working on? 😉


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