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some watching and some stitching

here’s the last of the scheduled posts I managed to write. not bad, is it? I’ll try and keep at least a couple of scheduled projects ready for the week so that I don’t leave this blog for too long, I hate when it happens. I should also mention the fact that I’ve been far away from blog reading too, it’s a shame cause I really want to know what you’re all up with, and I have a terribly handy device that makes it all easier too – the thing is I barely find the time, with my studies and everything. I’m sorry, I hope I can put an end to this madness!

one of the best ways to keep me company with while stitching has always been TV series. recently I watched and finished Lost (and I’m not too unhappy with the end, but only because I heard people despise it for so long, I expected it to be even worse! ;)), Friends (a huge hit back in the 90s and terribly funny even nowadays).

dude, he’s like the best character. period.


I’m keeping up with one of my favourite shows The Big Bang Theory, but I have to wait for seasons to come out on DVD in PAL2 region, which means I’m always a season behind. darn it.


last but not least, what I’m currently deep into: Downton Abbey!!

I’ve been having all three seasons since last November, but somehow I left them dusting all this long. shame, shame, shame on me. I absolutely love the way it’s directed, the lines, the plot, the theme and don’t let me start with Cousin Violet/Maggie Smith! 😀


she’s by far the funniest of them all, I can’t wait to see her enter a scene! now I’ve just seen the Christmas special, so no spoiler in the comments I warn you! I still have the entire third season to watch, together with the Journey to the Highlands (which I’ll have to order asap, after all a season is only 8 episodes long!)

– – –

last but not least, a stitching update

working on the second block

it’s so good to be back to working on a 36ct. it’s by far my favourite one, even if the progress takes a little long to show up

– – –

and now a few kitty pictures I know you’ve been waiting for 🙂

sleeping on my parents’ bed
the moment I bought this basket for the bike, he jumped in it and slept all the way home. I had a hard time explaining him we were home, and he could get out of the car!
getting ready for the night on the hanging beddy
as soon as I get into bed he jumps on the desk chair and cuddles up on my hand. awwwwwww 🙂
come to papa, pizza. come to papa..

– – –

thank you for the lovely comments and emails 🙂

have a nice day,

big hugs and happy xxx


10 thoughts on “some watching and some stitching

  1. I watched the first season of Lost religiously, then part of Season 2, but they moved it to 10 pm here somewhere in there, and that’s when I take my book and go to bed, so… I never bothered to catch up to the end. I may rewatch the whole thing some day. Big Bang is one of my favorites, but I only see the reruns, not the hew episodes. I think I’m the only person here in the States that didn’t get into Friends – David Schwimmer gives me the willies 😦

    If I didn’t have my favorite shows to watch (or hours & hours of Premier League football), I’d never get any stitching done 🙂


    1. I watched Lost pretty much as far as you did back when it aired, then I missed a couple of episodes and told myself I’d ruin it if I continued like that, then I postponed and postponed the catching up till I got to the point, this year, I had to watch the entire thing from the start in order to get it.. but trust me, avoiding all the spoilers was hard work!
      I guess stitching and watching go hand in hand for most of us.. gee, the worst thunder just reminded me I have to check all windows, seems like we’re in the middle of a weird, storm season


  2. i watch the LOST till the end.. but on Netflick.. yup.. didn’t really like the ending.. Oh BTW.. what’s the name of your cat? pretty kitty pictures.. 😉


    1. unfortunately in Italy we cannot subscribe to Netflix or Pandora, or anything like that. that’s pretty annoying, I’d love to see those shows when they’re actually airing them, instead of waiting for the DVDs to arrive on ..and don’t even mention the fact that there’s the itunes store, it’d be really nice if renting movies there didn’t cost more than the DVD itself!
      happier topic, my cat’s name is Taras Basil, but he really changes names all the times, currently he’s Baloo – cause he’s such a funny Baloo bear who looooooves a good scratch 🙂


  3. I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY! 😀 But I promise I won’t spoil anything. Isn’t Maggie Smith fantastic?! She’s always been one of my favorite actresses, but she’s really special in this show. I hope you enjoy it!


    1. she’s always been a great actress, I cannot recall a single role she played that I didn’t like. I agree with you, she brings so much to Downton Abbey, Cousin Violet has the best lines and expressions, all that sarcasm! can’t wait for the new season to arrive, and it means months and months from now! gosh!


  4. I was such a fan of Friends when it very first started! I have the books and everything! I would have liked to be Phoebe but I suspect I am more like Monica. I certainly have her attitude to competing, if I can’t be the best at something then I’d rather fail epically than be mediocre!
    Love the Taras photos on the last couple of posts. In the UK we neuter male cats much younger, about 5 or 6 months. Unwanted kittens are such a big problem, I think it’s good that male cat owners take responsibility too. Otherwise they should pay maintenance for the kittens LOL.


    1. you were a true fan indeed Jo!
      I followed the series with my granny and uncle, we all loved it so much, but then they moved the air time and I missed the last two seasons, perhaps more.. it was good to catch up, many memories and lots of laughs!!
      thanks for the words about Taras, he did most of the job 😉
      as for neutering, I completely agree with you. in Italy it’s up to the owner to decide if and when they want it to be done. Oliver had been neutered by the family who abandoned him, and it was the only good thing they did to him, even if it didn’t cool him down a single bit! he was quite a fighter! Maine Coons are an exception, as they keep on growing for a longer time than other cats so you shouldn’t neuter them until later on, otherwise you interrupt the natural growth 😊


  5. I love the serie Friends, I always can see any episodes, still funny and adorable 🙂
    Also loved the Lost serie… Strange but I still didn’t finish the lastest season 😀


  6. Hi Chiara, All great shows, although I lost my way in LOST at one stage but picked it up again at the end. Love Downton Abbey although I thought that the second half of the 3rd season was a bit weak. Hated the season finale!

    Love Taras pics and that pizza looks very yummy!
    hugs, Kaye


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