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Chapter one – The catch up

here we go! another wrap up post after too much time spent doing any thing but blogging.

I’ll have to split this into daily bits or you’ll have the most annoying hours, skimming through bites, errands, injections, camomile tea, food shopping, eggs, stash, shippings, arrivals, poo and all that happened in the past 30 days or so.

let’s go back to the beginning of June, shall we?

the sun was shining hot, the African heat wave* (stupidly named by meteorologists Hades – had this been really Hades we’d all be roasted like chips, right?) had reached us at full throttle, Margherita Hack was still alive,  most of us had no clue who Ed Snowden was & did for a living, Diane‘s new mystery was still a mystery and both my buddies were good as new doing their things.


goodbye Margherita, friend of the stars

one not-so-fine afternoon I was chatting wit my sis in her bedroom about whatever will happen to our country next, when I heard our neighbour’s Boxer dog doing the most horrible sounds in the garden.

I interrupted our silly debate and distractedly commented, “hear this grating noise? last time I heard him make such bedlam, he was chewing our poor Pablita** up“.

we looked at each other in aghast and we got up to take a look outside the window. yes, my dears, there he was. playing with her poor shell like it were a hockey disk. he even grabbed her in his mouth and tossed her in the patio for better sliding purposes.

I immediately ran down the stairs, in my PJs (cause what the hell. it’s saturday afternoon, why shouldn’t I be in my PJs), my sis right behind me, and without any further thought I (not so gracefully) jumped the fence and grabbed the poor lady.  she was covered in dog’s spit, grass and (sigh) blood. I passed her to my sis and proceeded to trespass back home.

not so easily, though. the left leg of my PJs got stuck to the top of the fence and while I was climbing/falling down (pick your choice) I heard this unexpected STRAP!! and saw them ripped at the knee.

thank goodness that was the only damage I went through, the Boxer dog got scared the moment he saw me running towards him and I got out safe and sound. don’t want to even think about what might have happened otherwise. actually that’s the point: I didn’t think, and I got lucky***.

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including vets, shots, hard core poo – and Mary Wigham! :O

– – –

* for real. but yes, I meant to remind you of this too.

** Pablita is our Testudo hermanni tortoise

*** awful Get lucky tune. come on Thom & Guy, you can do better than that! I grew up with you doing better than that!!


11 thoughts on “Chapter one – The catch up

  1. Haha, your Saturday sounds a lot like one of mine, though we no longer have a turtle to rescue – but the Dumb Dog does tend to chase his feline brother & sister 😦 I look forward to further chapters 🙂 Give Taras a scratch for me!


    1. poor DD, does he know you call him that?! 😉
      I’m writing all the chapters, no idea how long they’ll last but it’s definitely a lot of fun 😀
      give all the furry balls a scratch from me, and a hug from BaBa ❤


      1. Yes, he answers to Dummy, DumbChuck, and his dad and brother call him Auggie, but I only call him that when I am really mad at him 🙂 Actually, everyone around here has at least a handful of names…


      2. I find new names for everybody too, that’s kind of fun!
        I also sing myself theme-songs I invent while doing things.. whacky, I know! 😜


    1. she sure does Gracie! you’re right!
      the thing is, she gets awfully angry (and sick) when confined, so we resort to such extreme measure only when it’s unhealthy for her to walk around the garden. this happened only twice, the past summer and last month, after the dog’s attacks. and you can’t really blame him, cause both times she was the one who trespassed. he did jump into our garden once, while I was playing with Taras and the water hose, but then went straight back without touching her.
      so the point is how the hell did she get out in the first place?! we have high fences and small walls on the lower part of our garden, they go all around with no exceptions but the gates. it should be impossible for her to find a way out. we even added small wood boards, dad shored them up so that they stay in place. after what happened last year we thought she was safe.
      it really is a mystery how she made it this time, but it has to be the last, every time it’s just worse. she can’t really rebuild the entire shell every time, the wounded areas heal, thank goodness, but the missing chunks never really grow back. there’s not much left now so she better easy down her adventurous spirit! 😮


    1. ciao Cucki! good to see you here!
      and welcome! so many new followers these days!! 😊 ❤❤❤

      thank you, I can’t wait to show more of my stitching. I’ve been silent for so long! 😱


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