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Chapter two – The visits

previously on The grey tail: Pablita the tortoise got attacked by a dog. Chiara’s PJs got ripped while on the rescue mission. it’s good to be back.

– – –

the moment I had her in my hands I washed the shell from all the spit and dirt covering the wounds. I looked at her, still frantic and mostly hidden inside the shell, and I quickly realized the situation was much worse than last summer.

there was blood coming out profusely, pieces of shell coming off, .. I grabbed my phone with one hand, my jeans with the other and in 15 minutes I was there at the vet’s, with an appointment already fixed for Taras but extended to the tortoise emergency. you should have seen us enter: one kitty in a stroller, one tortoise in a laundry basket. I must have looked beyond crazy.

oh yes, I bought one. I know it looks insane, and you’re probably thinking I feel my biological clock ticking, or I didn’t play enough with dolls when I was a kid*.

none of the above. simply put, once you have a Maine Coon, you’ll most likely end up with one of these too.

these cats easily reach a considerable weight, an even more considerable size, and what matters most, they don’t like to be left home alone. it’s in these cats’ nature to follow their humans around the house, sneak into or onto the things they’re doing, participating in showers (!) and more generally wanting to be around.

well, Taras (or BaBa, as I call him these days) incorporates all the aspects of a Coon and takes some of them to the limit. you can take him wherever you go, drive in a car for hours, introduce him to the guy who sells newspapers or the ladies at the chemist’s shop. it’s all fine for him. but you cannot leave him home alone for one minute.

that’s about the time it takes me to take out his poo every morning (and yes, he’s a clock for that – 6AM sharp) and hear him crying desperately in front of the door from the moment I leave to the moment I come back in.

long story short, instead of wasting more money on multiple baskets to fit his ever growing size, and dragging him to the vet with the risk of not finding a free parking space close enough (nightmare.), I followed Carla‘s path towards the stroller. 😉

I tried hers with Taras in it back in January, and saw this little guy all happy to go around like a boss, holding himself higher with his paws on the horizontal bar. looking at things and people, with people and things looking back at him! 😀

I swear, he enjoyed it so much I waited till I could and then got one myself. there’s a whole bunch of us nutters, taking over Italy one pet stroller at a time. 😉

we still have to give explanations of what, when, where, why we’re doing this, etc. but by the time the questioning people see the cat inside either looking at them waiting for a scratch, or cozily sleeping in the shade of the parasol, they realize we’re not imposing anything to our cats. it’s just the way they are.

I personally enjoyed having breakfast at the bar with a couple of friends yesterday morning, chillin with my cat beside me. no problem whatsoever.

anyways, I was telling you I arrived at the vet’s with multiple things to do. we had scheduled Taras’ anti rabies vaccine + chip injection  for that same day, so I basically called while I was getting dressed that I’d arrive a bit earlier, and with another check-up to do too.

one vet for the tortoise, one vet for the cat (who by the way fell in love with the stroller himself, he even tried it with BaBa in it, right outside the building! 😀 I swear, if he wasn’t our vet, I’d say he’s trying to steal him! :D) we came out with considerably reassured spirits and stripped down pockets.

Taras had had an annoying poo issue in the previous weeks, with all the sudden weather changes behind it, so I just gave him some probiotics. nothing to worry about that – but still no chip nor vaccine, just to be sure we weren’t adding one thing to another, with the risk of not knowing if he was having a bad reaction to the vaccine or not.

anyways, with his poo being back to normal we finally had this darn vaccine + chip injection. they’re actually two separate injections, and they’re necessary if you plan to travel with your cat. no passport otherwise.

well, I don’t necessarily plan to travel with him, but I’m sure by the time I’ll find myself in need of all this I’ll be too busy to take care of all the paperwork, visits, injections and so on. so I told myself now or never, and it went through just fine.

he didn’t protest or anything, he even fell asleep with his belly up, taking a serious nap on the table while we were waiting for the response about the tortoise. this way we waited the recommended post-inoculation 45 minutes and saw no reaction whatsoever. he was good as new and decided he could drive us home too! 😀

on the tortoise front, we had a similar diagnose to last year’s attack. she survived the shock but had to be kept indoors with bad weather, outdoors with good weather, but still in a sort of playpen with newspapers or paper towels on the bottom so that you can change/clean it up multiple times a day.

now during the entire drive to the vet, Pablita decided to have a bowel tantrum and produced an absurd amount of poo all over the plastic laundry basket I used to carry her. it, of course smeared all over herself too, and kept on coming. the more we cleaned her up, the more she let out.

I left her at the vet’s a few more minutes and went to the chemist’s shop with the cat and a handful of prescriptions. a few explanations (and more receipts) later, I was out with bottles of saline solution, Betadine and silver ointment. the antibiotics injections were already there at the vet’s.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including more poo, more attacks and more injections! – and Mary Wigham! we didn’t have time for her! 😮

* which I actually didn’t. stuffed animals and Lego bricks were more than enough, and thank you mom for not raising any blond bombshell ambition in me. I had Madonna for that! 😀


9 thoughts on “Chapter two – The visits

  1. Your tale had me on the edge of my seat…. I hadn’t realised that Taras is a Maine Coon cat – I read a series of cosy murder mysteries last year which featured one. Have you thought about getting him a cat harness so that you can walk him?


    1. now you have to tell me more about these books Kaye! I’d love to read them too!
      I think I mentioned somewhere that BaBa is going to be a very huge BaBa 😉 he’s more or less halfway through his growth, but from what I’ve seen about his parents and relatives, he’ll keep on growing even once neutered. they really take over the sofa at some point 😀
      about the harness, he already has one! actually it’s time for us to buy the XXL Coon version! 😉
      we used the regular adult cat size until now, for driving and getting out of the car to get the newspaper, stuff like that. but it’s time we get a seriously big one, cause he can barely fit into this!
      I’m not so sure about walking around with him with just the harness. not that I don’t trust him, it’s the amount of dogs and cars we have around us these days that scares me.. I’m afraid he wouldn’t feel safe surrounded by all the noises, walking in the small roads we have.. but I surely can take him out with the stroller and then let him have a walk beside me. you should see people’s faces then! 😀


  2. That is such a fantastic idea! Whenever my sisters have to take our cats to the vet, they have an absolute fit. It’s that cartoon where you’re trying to get a cat into a pet carrier and every single paw is holding onto the outside of the door. It’s heartbreaking! I don’t know if they’d enjoy the stroller, though. They’re Persians, and they’re such spoiled house cats. They hate strangers!


    1. I’m happy you like it Sarah, and that you find some use to it too! 😉
      it really makes a great deal if you introduce your cat to this way of moving from his early months. this way he gets used to it, learns it’s a safe place for him and doesn’t fear the people around him. that’s actually the only downside our vet found to the stroller: you might not be able to use it so much with an older pet who never used it before. other than that it works way better than any other means of transport, especially with cats and aging dogs.
      about Persians, I heard they’re not so warm and expansive as Coons.. but I also remember once a Persian cat, while I was staying with a friend of mine for the summer holidays, got this habit of sleeping on my head. maybe not so comfy considering it was July, still pretty warm and expansive if you ask me! 😉


  3. I am NOT telling Beanie about the stroller – he already hops into any car with a door open, and has slept in/on the bag of the Volkswagen Beetle that been apart in the garage for a decade. Glad Taras got his visit over with, and that Pablita is on the mend, too!


  4. You are an insane crazy cat lady!!! Have you thought about a baby backpack so he can ride on your back? or maybe a seat on the back of your bike so he can feel the breeze in his fur?


    1. I honestly have no clue why this comment got straight in the spam folder until I found it dusting there today.. 😀
      I have a special basket for the bike, made for cats. I seriously considered a sort of kangaroo thing my mom and dad used to carry my sisters in, but I couldn’t find it when BaBa was little, and now it’d be impossible for him to fit into it.. satisfied? wanna more cat lady craziness? 😀


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