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Chapter four – The bite

previously on The grey tailPablita the tortoise has been taken care of. lots of poo in return. much appreciated.

– – –

another not-so-fine day, while I was hanging the laundry in the garden after lunch, I heard more, ominous, bedlam. I looked around and realized the water flowing I heard a moment before wasn’t coming from our garden. I was wrong thinking it was my sis playing with Taras and the water hose. it was our neighbour’s gardener, who accidentally attracted Taras into their garden.

when he explained me what happened once Taras jumped the fence, he said the Boxer dog wasn’t around, but he surely joined a second after. and it wasn’t The Sound of Music sort of get-together.

poor Taras thought he was getting some fun, while he got his head into the dog’s jaws instead. luckily he was swift enough not to let him the Boxer get a good hold of him, and the gardener saved us all from the worst.

I ran to him frantically, held him in my arms and took him inside to take a good look at what happened to his face. he was breathing heavily, panting and gasping with his tongue out. he didn’t fear us touching him, that was a good sign for it meant he wasn’t in complete shock. me and my sis on the other hand were in total, horrid aghast. the left side of his mussel showed a severe bruise, blood surfacing profusely.

I still couldn’t understand the beginning of all this, but I called the vet and told him I’d be there as soon as he opened at half past 3 PM. he told me to let him rest and see what happened to the bruise, identify other wounds if there were any, and if he let me, apply some saline solution with a sterile gauze.

I had it all at home in Pablita’s daily kit, so I took some freezer bricks and surrounded BaBa with them. a really good trick to lower the heat around him, we both calmed down a little and after a few minutes I poured him a glass of fresh water. he got up and drank, so I added some food and he went straight for it.

reassured by these moves, I let him rest a little more and then proceeded with the saline solution on a gauze. he let me do it all without saying a word, the sweetie pie. I went out, looked for the gardener and found out more about the dynamic of this deep shit we found ourselves into.

Taras proved to be the strong one in the family, at this point I was really on the edge of a breakdown. I turn my back for a few seconds and look what happens. and what might have happened. and what I still didn’t know might be going on.

I cried all the time while waiting for the time the vet would be opened. my other sis didn’t help much either. she’s the one you never read about. wonder why. well, she had nothing but idiotic things to say, I won’t even try and remember them. but surely, that wasn’t the best time for me to cope with all her shit, so I basically cried it all out. hoping little BaBa would be fine.

the poor lil guy at the vet’s.
as you can see he found a comfy position and even took a nap.
here he is. I took a picture because I was sure nobody would believe me when I’d say he really sleeps at the vet’s. even when he’s badly injured.
the one in the blue basket on the right is Pablita, covered in a mess of fresh piss and poo. our lady.

as you can see he really behaved like a brave little soldier. we checked all of him, nothing hurt or scratched but the head, the eyes in particular. from the position of the scratches we could tell the dog had his head in his mouth (argh) but it was really the best case scenario. after a test with a fluorescent liquid on both eyes, we made sure there had been no harm to the corneas. the other eye was a little irritated cause the dog’s teeth got terribly close to it. there was a little scratch at the end of that eye, and only some fur missing on the cheek below.

all in all, pretty damn good luck, or we’d be telling a completely different story now.

since the disinfectant can cause ulcers to the corneas we limited its use to the big bruise you see on the left cheek. he never touched the area once, never tried to scratch it or clean it, I monitored him all the time. knowing his good behaviour and the fact that he was letting us do whatever we wanted, we spared him the Elizabethan collar. I had to check in case swelling areas developed in the next few days, but the therapy to follow was pretty easy. slightly dump both the right eye and the left cheek with cold camomile tea made with filtered saline solution and camomile flowers (I stored a cup in the fridge and made a new one every day or so), a drop of Betadine + saline solution on a cotton dub for the left cheek, a bit of Malt paste as a reward. 😉 repeat 3 times a day.

now you can see, I’ve been spending the past weeks among disinfectants, ointments, gauzes and Pablita’s corporal fluids. fun, so much fun.

– – –

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follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including BaBa’s confinement, eggs à la Paulette and – finally! – some stitching! and Mary Wigham! what the heck, we never have time for her!  (just like in the stitched version :o)


4 thoughts on “Chapter four – The bite

    1. I know Sarah, it was such a terrible experience for all of us. I must be so thankful they’re both recovering.
      unfortunately the dog has no insurance, so all expenses are on us.. what a bummer!


  1. YIKES!!!! Wow, that Boxer does NOT play well with others! Is it outside all of the time, or are you just getting lucky? Poor, poor babies….


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