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Chapter five – The healing

previously on The grey tailTaras the cat got attacked by the same dog that hurt Pablita. lots of tears (and money) after, we’re getting through it. thank goodness.

 – – –

once the first scab on BaBa‘s cheek, the big one, came off (about a week later) I went for a second check-up (together with Pablita, of course) and we agreed on adding a bit of antibiotic paste on the area now exposed. he had a small application of this paste the very first day, but since the scab was covering all the area it was pointless to start greasing his cheek when the paste couldn’t go under the scab anyways. we risked to cause him that discomfort that brings to scratching, trying to clean the paste away, with the additional infections this can lead to.

we gave him a week of strict confinement, when weather seemed to agree on helping us through. storms, heavy rain, cold temperatures reached us at high speed and kept us company for a week or so. a real blessing.

at some point we even got scared, cause we had stored all the heavy blankets and kept on feeling cold at night. mind N-E Italy is supposed to be a happy swamp in this time of year, but we were sleeping with our windows closed shut, blankets, wearing jumpers and tracksuits all day! just like heaven to me!! 🙂

so you thought you could postpone our morning games and change the bed sheets? I say we play the Bed Wars instead!! 😀


this pillow is hiding the most dangerous enemy. trust me. I’m sure about it.


I swear it was here a moment ago! that bastard!
all this fighting got me a lil tired. I think I’ll rest here for a bit.
ok, finish that darn sheet changing. I’ll nap a bit more over here.


can we play now? please?
someone went shopping! what did you get me? what? what??

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including more kitty pictures, recoveries and finally eggs à la Paulette! – Mary Wigham is definitely on hold. there’s never time for her!  :o


4 thoughts on “Chapter five – The healing

  1. He seems to be back to his old self 🙂 And he probably knows that chicks dig scars 🙂
    You must have the same weather we’ve been having – it certainly isn’t supposed to be this wet and this cool here in July…


    1. these were taken before the attack. they were so funny I didn’t want to discard them just because they’re a little outdated 😉
      but he really is back on track with all the usual mischiefs 😜

      I’m glad you’re getting some rest from the torrid summer weather, I surely enjoyed while it lasted. and we’ll get some more for the weekend, how good is that?! 😄


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