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Chapter six – The eggs

previously on The grey tailTaras the cat is rapidly healing. Pablita is still on hunger strike. I’ve been stitching. I have proof.

– – –

it all starts with me hearing weird noises. maybe I should start wearing ear plugs all the time.

one day I heard Pablita banging loudly on the playpen boards, she’d been refusing to eat for the past few days and even reduced the usual level of defecation, which kind of worried me. I called Anna, the tortoise specialist, and we agreed on adding an extra bath and disinfecting session every day but let her free. last time she made all this mess, she was telling us she had eggs to lay.

once I told my mother, she went “she never lays eggs two years in a row. it’s impossible“. I let Pablita out and 5 minutes later I was texting mom this picture.





the poor lady was packed with eggs!! 5 or 6, I couldn’t tell. but she really needed to let them out, that’s why she was so eager to get out of the playpen! 😮

we let her rest for the day (it took her an entire morning to dig the hole in the ground, lay the eggs and cover them.. all this using just her hind legs!)

in the meantime, BaBa was confined home. the big scab had peeled off and a smaller, but still in bare flesh, portion of his mussel was showing.

the grease you see is the antibiotic ointment I applied on the bare flesh.
the white skin around it is the part of the wound that already healed but still missed the fur.
BaBa in “A room with a view”



I allowed only a few moments outside, strictly supervised by me.
here you see the magic duo sniffing around.
there’s a lizard down there! I’m telling you!
a liiiiiiiiiizaaaaaaaaard!!

while all this was happening, I really tried to focus on my studies and my stitching. I barely had time to think, but I also needed some sort of distraction from all the poo, the baths, the medications, ..

this is what I received from Nina, who by now is my only source of linen and threads. I constantly have an order opened with her. there usually is a custom dyed thing that I ask her about, then I add a few more things I realize I can’t stitch without, send her the money, receive the goods a few days later, repeat. 😀

she really is a precious friend, so kind and patient with my requests! and she really brings that thing to my stitching, I’d be so lost without her!

here is my choice of linen and threads for Mary Wigham
40ct. Lentil linen and cotton threads, all hand dyed by Nina
threads are: Apricot, Asbury, Brown Rust, Peach Sorbet, Prune, Malawi, Spring Grass, Pearl, Old Jeans, White Sheep, Clay, Butter Squash, Teal, Onyx, Moss, Hibiscus, Nougat, Old Lace, Clementine, Cigar, Caribbean, Champagne.
and here is my little start on the first motif, using Brown Rust. I swear this one is gorgeous, but it seems to never end!

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including  more kitty pictures, more stitching and finally my mysterious spring-time sampler is revealed! – cause nobody guessed! :o


12 thoughts on “Chapter six – The eggs

  1. How exciting to have eggs! I always hope we are at the beach at the right time to see a sea turtle laying, but so far, we haven’t timed it right 😦
    LOVE the colors you chose for MW – Nina’s blues are extraodinary! She does blue like Carrie’s Threads does purple 🙂


    1. they’re a real treat, I know. but really all her colours have that thing that makes them perfect for what you’re stitching.
      I sometimes need something more dim, or super bright, or strongly variegated, .. she has it! 😀

      I’m glad you like the ones I chose, it’s all because of you that I finally kitted up Mary W.
      can’t wait to finish this never ending motive so that I can stitch the smaller just beneath using Teal, it’ll add such a contrast!


      1. I just finished a motif on Halloween Quaker (you’ll see the update on Monday) that is as big as my hand – on 40ct! I can’t imagine how big this would be over-2 on 32 or 38… It took me 4 nights to do just that one, and it’s spread over 4 pages of chart. But it’s done now, so I can do soem small ones over the weekend 🙂


      2. goodness. I remember the chart looking quite laborious. I’ll definitely go for a 40ct. with that one. a motive big as one’s hand.. let’s talk about it! 😬


  2. Wow, that’s some gorgeous thread! I’ve never looked at Nina’s things – maybe I should…

    I know nothing about tortoises. Doesn’t Pablita need a…let’s say, a boyfriend before she can have eggs? 😛


    1. you’d love them Sarah. mind they’re not only beautiful, but way more convenient than other hand dyed threads too. take GASTs and WDWs for instance, you get half a skein compared to Nina’s 8 meters long ones, but they cost almost the same! here you get a GAST skein for 2,23 euros and a WDW for 2,25 while Nina’s are twice as long but cost only 40 cents more! 😮

      tortoises work just like us, chickens, .. you need to have a male to get a baby. but you still waste a tremendous amount of time and effort ovulating. 😮
      in her case it’s once a year though! 😀


  3. ohhhh bless her cotton paws …. glad to see she is doing well and poor baba …. the sore looks ouchie still but clean ) and adore those colours for mary whigham … I am slightly in front of you …lol off to go and look at earlier posts now 🙂 love mouse xxxxxx


  4. Can you not find her a little gentleman friend? It must be quite nice to only ovulate once a year instead of every month!! But then all the children at school would be born in the same month which would be crazy for Birthday Parties LOL.
    Nana’s threads really are beautiful. I tend to stick to DMC for price reasons but maybe I could get some of her fabric…


    1. they’re pretty hard to find items on the market, Jo.. just like decent men.
      we were discussing the yearly ovulating option here at home, but considering she spent the entire day digging a hole with just her hinge legs, laid the eggs and then covered them in the same way, I wonder if we didn’t get lucky after all..
      and then, she ovulates in the summer cause she spends the entire winter hibernating. I wouldn’t like that no matter how annoying moments de la lune can be. think of all the lost stitching that would never happen cause we’d be sleeping in a hole under the ground. 😱

      regarding floss, I know they may look pricey compared to the DMC skeins (which are 1 euro each here, if you find them cheap) but considering hand dyed threads are variegated, you really don’t need that much colours to accomplish an incredible piece, which you’d never stitch anyways, not even with the entire DMC palette. of course you could use blended needles, change thread all the time to get close to the hand dyed thread effect, but you’d go mad pretty soon. at least I did. 😜
      anyways, her linens are superb. I haven’t been stitching on anything else since last september! 😊


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