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Chapter seven – The gifts

previously on The grey tail: Taras the cat is getting better and better. Pablita laid eggs. I managed to post about Mary Wigham. about time.

– – –

while in the middle of all this, I heard Madame Muriel desperate to go back home. the lovely Lady in red spent almost an entire year with me, and I really did only a few things with her. I felt so sorry but so many things happened in the past 12 months.. I still can’t get the hang of it!

anyways, I had a box and a padded envelope filled up with things to take back home. I spent the entire year collecting this and that for her and Gracie to enjoy in hot hot Sun City, Arizona.

I grabbed the box, the envelope, I picked up all the gifts I had with me for the giveaways mouse, Cheryl and Wisher won back in May. I found even Kaye‘s Christmas presents still lurking in my room (gosh), so I filled up an entire bag with gifts and goodies, went to the PO near the vet’s, and while they were checking-up Pablita I spent an hour or so with the PO lady sending out all those lovely things. the Scrooge in me was flabbergasted. 😉


what’s in there?
hand-made pincushions!

giveaway gifts: Gloriana silks, Renato Parolin’s charts, Vaupel & Heilenbeck 28ct. linen bands, cotton fabrics, Marie Suarez needles with needle-book chart.
a selection of French hand made buttons by Sabine aka Oeil2cha
lots of things for Gracie and Madame: a crochet teapot and suitcase, filled with needles, pins, etc.; organic herbal tea; a sewing kit and hand made French buttons; books illustrating the Riviera and Villa Pisani; a few bits from the maze (a map, pencil and compass); a selection of mini organic honey jars; a Venice themed magnet; Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen band and Gloriana silk threads.

I might be forgetting something, so you better check out the various blogs, all the gifts have been received so just follow the links. they’re some pretty awesome bloggers and stitchers 😉

Gracie at Needles Pins and Dragonflies, mouse at Tales of a Stitching Mouse, Wisher at Pretty Little Things in a Box and Kaye at Kitten Stitching (Cheryl doesn’t have a blog, but mailed me she got the long waited delivery from the postman).

– – –

I still owe you some lovely moves Taras pulled weeks before.

could we go outside now? pleeeeeeaaaaase!
don’t you dare to take the bike without me.


there are flying guys up there! I’m telling you!!
I’ve SEEN them!!

extreme sitting nap
look at his head. and those legs.
wild nap.
can you see me?


perfectly hidden, me says.

– – –

let me thank you all for sticking with me through all these ups and downs. you really showed some perseverance there.

then I’d like to welcome all the new followers, it’s such a pleasure to see you all here! you might want to stick a little bit longer, cause there are some travelling news about a certain Bunny.. I’ll fit that in one of the next posts so come back soon! 😀

now that we’re dealing with service alerts, you might have noticed a big change it the left and right sides of the screen. about time! I haven’t been able to edit the widgets for a few months (mainly cause I forgot to resize the images I wanted to upload. argh.) ..anyways, now that I finally got to it I had so many things going on I basically revolutionized the entire page. I hope you like it!

you can still browse through the Categories drop-down on the top right, Search using the blank space on the top left, Follow us via email, Twitter and Instagram. I even opened a Facebook page called Taras BaBa 😀 it’s still pretty empty for now, but I’ll get back to it at some point.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including some stitching and even more kitty pictures!


4 thoughts on “Chapter seven – The gifts

  1. Great gifts! Did you ever wonder what cats really dream about? Dogs are a little more obvious, I think, but cats – who knows what goes on in there? LOL


    1. yeah well, you’ll get a taste of that medicine this fall Sarah. 😉
      I might need some time to arrange our RAK, but I’m positive you’ll get a reward for your patience!


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