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Chapter nine – More pictures

previously on The grey tailall this writing got me a little tired. explained it all in pictures. it’s happening again.

– – –

– why in the name of Merlin did you wake me from my afternoon nap?
– I was checking on you and couldn’t find you, BaBa..
– next time go check yourself. I’ll be perfectly fine taking my nap somewhere. in this case inside your father’s bedside table.
Pablita taking her daily hydrating bath.
extreme nap inside the bicycle basket we replaced with a bigger one for cats. of course he prefers the impossibly small one.


– look what I found inside the bucket, chiara!
– it’s a baby lizard, you won’t touch her.
– why?!
this little guy wasn’t longer than a thumb. I took Taras in for a couple of minutes and released the poor thing.
what are you looking at?
fav spot for driving.
seriously, could your mane be any longer?
the jungle kitty!
by far my favourite picture of you, BaBa!
look what I found in the attic, my very first WIP basket!
i guess I was ten when mom gifted it to me.
look at all those little compartments, and the place for your WIP underneath!
LOVE this basket!
keeping myself company while stitching.
I saved the last episode of the third season and ordered the Highlands special. this way I could have one last DA overdose before the next season gets released in DVD.
the things that happened in last Christmas’ special! gosh!
watched some Black Adder, not good for stitching though. too much fun, I always have to frog afterwards!
Castle, ordered the 4th season. August will be all about Nathan Fillion.
June TUSAL. I know, could it be more late?!
new scissors for my collection. Sajou Petite Monstres.
WIP – Blue Jeans and Daisies, second block finished
I made working copies of Belinda’s charts, with a very useful scheme on the margin to keep track of where I’m supposed to stitch that part. it’s quite a big sampler!

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode where I’ll be writing something, I promise. 😉

5 thoughts on “Chapter nine – More pictures

  1. You know, Taras has a whole new level of limber when he gets into that tiny basket! I don’t think that cat has a spine at all… Blue Jeans is looking wonderful! A couple of the girls in my local stitch group are HUGE Castle fans; I ‘ve watched it a few times, but it’s on too late here, so I have to choose what to record and watch later 🙂


    1. he really puts his junctures to the test with that basket.. 🙀
      tell those gals they have a friend over here. I’ll watch the first 3 seasons one more time before I move on with the 4th.
      I’m always behind cause I have to wait for the DVDs, but then I don’t have airing issues, nor commercial breaks! 😉

      Blue Jeans is currently on hold cause I’m working on the Heart Etui and.. (drum roll) ..Very Scary!! 😱 – which I renamed Very Late. but then again, I never said in which July I’d be stitching on it, right? 😜


      1. I think I’m entering my Very Scary into the fair this year – they usually have a category for Holiday-other-than-Christmas “craft” 🙂


      2. wow! that would be just perfect! let me know how it goes!
        I do miss fairs and competitions, but then again I tell myself I miss them just because I haven’t entered one in a while.. 😉


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