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Chapter ten – The Pangaea tart

previously on The grey tailI got tired of writing and posted a cargo of pictures.

– – –

we finally have some time for a stitching catch up.

back in March I ordered the 3 charts Belinda aka Blue Ribbon Designs released as a spring themed mystery. I immediately fell in love with all the vines, critters, flowers, .. and dedicated a lot of time to this project only. following are some progress pictures from the end of May, when I stared it.

working on block 3
adding some pretty tall flowers with Rooster Combs
a little house is slowly built in the middle of block 3

I must say Belinda did an exquisite job with the instructions, the small finishings suggestions and the jumble included in all three parts. once you solve it, you get the password to access a special bonus chart! isn’t this the wittiest thing? 😀

I also have a few updates to show you from Taras, he’s done with scabs and is slowly growing back all the fur.

luckily, at some point we feared he might bear the scar cause the skin there looked so light and pink. after a couple of days it turned all grey, though. we got as lucky as you can get this time.




– I’m never too big for my ball track.
– if you say so, BaBa.



beginning to realize summer is not that much fun. too hot for BaBa.
peek a boo!
it’s lunch time, right, chiara?

I also got a few fabrics and linens for my future Victoria Sampler Stitcheramas, especially the Heart Etui. I really can’t wait to learn how to work all those Bullion KnotsHardanger, Kloster Blocks, ..


Heart Etui supplies: 28ct. Creme à la Vanille dark hand dyed linen by Nina, Hoffman fabrics.

I also found the time to bake a cake, and ruin it! 😀

I asked my mom to buy some flour while she was out food shopping. she came home with a bag I used without checking. what a grave mistake I made.

she bought some flour mixture, complete with sugar and yeast. I used it as regular flour though! I added the cold butter, icing sugar (I use icing sugar for the Nutella tart’s dough) and started working the hardest mix I ever happened to have in my hands. it got all super sticky, but I refused to toss away so many ingredients so I followed the recipe till the end, waiting for the mess to arrive.

one second before realizing I fucked up.
I managed to store the super sticky dough into the fridge for the recommended few hours.

the real mayhem arrived when it was time to make the decorative stripes on top. there was no way I could get one that didn’t coagulate into a shapeless blob. and that’s when the Pangaea tart was born. we called it after the Continental drift theory. 😀

the Pangaea tart. limited edition.

I swear it did taste even better than the normal one. even so, I’ll try to keep this a one time only thing. I prefer the traditional looking one, where I don’t have to explain what the Pangaea tart actually is, and why people should try it anyways. 😉

nutella tart 5/13
proof that with the right ingredients, I can bake a pretty decent tart. but the Pangaea is much more fun! 😀

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including news about the two silly fellows, a travelling pattern and Mary Wigham! 😮

5 thoughts on “Chapter ten – The Pangaea tart

  1. Oh my goodness, what a delicious-looking tart! I’m fasting, so this is absolute torture right now :S

    Those fabrics look gorgeous! Your progress on Blue Jeans and Daisies is wonderful, too. Great job!


    1. oh come on Sarah, that’s Ramadan speaking. you wouldn’t possibly call it inviting otherwise!! but it was supadelicious, it really was. sorry I scheduled this post a few days too late.. 😉
      I’m currently working on the Heart Etui, it really is a beauty! thank you for all the lovely words, they always cheer me up!! ❤❤❤


      1. Hahaha! Maybe it was Ramadan, but tarts are actually my favorite dessert in the world. Anything: chocolate tarts, fruit tarts, whatever. Yum yum yum…


  2. I think the fabric you chose for Blue Jeans really sets off the yellows & golds very well – LOVE the sunflower block especially! I can’t wait to see your VS pieces begin to take shape! I’m glad BaBa’s fur is coming back in; Bean had gotten bit by a dog a couple of years ago, on the back, and we weren’t sure his was going to come back either – but it did, though he doesn’t seem to put on his winter layer in that spot now…?


    1. poor Bean.. I’m happy it’s a minor issue though. our friends really need to look out!
      thank you for your thoughts about Blue Jeans, I couldn’t agree more! and I must say IMO other colour tones have a better overall look compared to the WDWs I’ve seen used in the blogosphere
      off working on the Satin stitches & Kloster Blocks 😉


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