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Chapter eleven – The travelling pattern

previously on The grey tailI got tired of writing and posted a cargo of pictures. again.

now, this might strike all the new followers but I do stitch sometimes, and when I accomplish decent progress, I like to brag for a while. take it or leave it.

I spent almost an entire month working on this piece only. not that I had much time to stitch on it, really. anyways, it’s part one, page one of Blue Jeans and Daisies by Blue Ribbon Designs.

slowly but surely I managed to add all to this block, huge flowers, a house and a couple of trees. I remember a lot of frogging on these two, but we all get our share, don’t we?

I started the last block on the bottom left, the one that reaches the bottom of the sampler but I still haven’t taken a picture (mainly cause I haven’t taken it out since I started Mary Wigham).

then, the very same day Kaye was receiving her Christmas in July package, I received her package from Down Under. how cool is that?

it’s the Travelling Bunny pattern* that made all it’s way from all over the world to this happy swamp we call Venice. or at least the province of Venice, you know I’m not too fond of the Sinking City.

well, this is what I found inside the envelope: a loot of goodies to pick from and pass on once I’m done with the furry guy. I must admit, I’ve been working on the interactive PDF  about this since I received the goodies and chart (I very well know myself and my biblical sense of time). as for the stitching, I must pull threads and start working on it. I might have the perfect linen match in a few leftovers from my latest start.

it’s Victoria Sampler‘s Heart Etui. the most intriguing Stitcherama I’ve joined so far. not that the Victorian Purse and Pincushion aren’t as sweet and challenging, but somehow I never found the chance to work on them during class, and it really makes a great difference. Thea and Lisa have been giving the most helpful notions about all the speciality stitches involved, and trust me this one is quite a tricky one.

there are Lazy Daisy Stitches, Cross Stitches, Petit Cross Stitches, Straight Stitches, Kloster Blocks,  French KnotsBlanket Stitches, Dove’s Eyelets, HerringboneDouble Running, Bullion Knots, Algerian Eyelets, Backstitches, Beadwork, Japanese Silk RibbonsPartial Greek Crosses, Smyrna Crosses, Scotch Stitches and Dove’s Cote Filling. sounds fun, uh? 😀

well, I’m using a lovely 28ct. Crème à la Vanille dark linen hand dyed by Nina, I spent the an entire day measuring, converting, cutting, zig zagging, centering, squaring, pulling threads, etc.

one of the three linen cuts I prepared, all ready for the basting lines marking where the biscornu and scissor fob go. in other words, voodoo time.
the three linen cuts all together. the back of the Heart Etui; the left and right side of the front; biscornu, scissor fob and Dove’s Cote Hardanger Square doodle cloth.
I’m starting with the back of the Heart Etui. linen is finally secured to the bars of my Doodle Frame (bought it last year and never used it cause I stored it so carefully I couldn’t find it anymore)
isn’t this Doodler Frame a treat?!
I found out I bought even 3 other sets of bars in bigger sizes. I swear sometimes I feel like it’s someone else who gets the stash for me. and we don’t talk that much either.

I ordered the DMC Pearl Cotton directly from the source in France, and I’m currently waiting for them to deliver the much needed #8 and #12 balls. I made my start on a doodle cloth with the materials from the kit (and actually spent an entire night on it, that’s how addictive this piece is).

Hoffman fabrics and Nina’s hand dyed 28ct. linen

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including news about the two silly fellows, the Travelling Bunny and Mary Wigham! 🙂

* to be the next one in line for the Travelling Bunny, I’m adding a dedicated post right after this one. add a comment there! 😀

6 thoughts on “Chapter eleven – The travelling pattern

    1. thank you!!
      since these are all scheduled posts rather than stuff going on live, I did take out some of my stash (which reminded me I own my own, very exclusive, needlework shop here – 😱), pulled threads, cut linens and even started it yesterday morning!
      he’s so funny & fluffy I’ll stitch it twice, for matching tuffet & scissor fob! 😊


  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of complicated stitches! I’m familiar with only about half of those, so it’ll be interesting to see the others. Can’t wait to follow your progress! 😀


    1. I’m busy with Kloster Blocks, Satin Stitches and Blanket Stitches right now. I also tried the Bullion Knots on a doodle cloth and I think I’m getting the hang of it. 😊


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