Travelling Pattern

Chapter twelve – The Little Bunny’s travels

previously on The grey tail: the travelling bunny hopped to Italy. love this little guy.

– – –


if you want to get a chance and stitch your own Little Bunny from Bent Creek, add a comment in THIS POST ONLY.

entries are opened for a couple of weeks, feel free to send the word! 😀

if you don’t have a blog, make sure you add an email address where I can contact you in case you’re the next one in line.

as soon as I finish mine I’ll post a decent picture so that you can appreciate the fluffiness of this lil guy. I’m also writing some travelling notes and will post them as a downloadable PDF as soon as I know who’s the winner!

don’t forget the deadline for entries is July 31st!

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including  kitty pictures! bird pictures! birds’ droppings!

15 thoughts on “Chapter twelve – The Little Bunny’s travels

  1. I would love to stitch that bunny! Please enter my name into the draw. I have been reading all of your recent posts and I’m so glad that your pets are on the mend after their recent harrowing experience. I’m on vacation and don’t have much time for commenting but I have been thinking of you and hope that things are improving.


  2. I’d love a chance to stitch the bunny! I saw Kaye’s versions of the little guy, so I can’t wait to see what yours will look like. He’s too cute!


    1. I haven’t seen them since the Bunny travelled for the first time, don’t want to get too influenced 😉
      but I picked some fluffy stuff I can’t wait to work with. 😊


  3. That little bunny is sooo cute! I love the tail! Be sure to put my name in this drawing also. 🙂 And don’t forget to post this finish in TSV. Ciao!


  4. Hey Lelia, Remember me? 😉 I would be interested! I’m just getting back into stitching after a l-o-n-g break and this would be such a cute project!


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