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Chapter thirteen – The deserved droppings

previously on The grey tailthe travelling pattern arrived and is ready to take reservations. I got ready for the Stitcherama class while it’s actually running. miracles can happen.

– – –

a few months ago I got my little happy dance moment in the form of my mother getting christened by a baby bird. I had been looking at a couple of lost guys all morning, even BaBa was waiting for them to come down and play from the Magnolia tree.

🎶bird drops keep falling on my head..*🎶
this guy was talking to the other one so loudly they attracted my attention and BaBa’s, so I monitored the three in case one of the fluffy feathered fell and BaBa thought it was time to take out the bib.
this is actually the brother/sister of the previous birdie. the one that dressed up my mother. good guy.
see how small they really are? for a while I got scared their parents didn’t notice they were gone, and the two fugitives were too young to fly. luckily after half an hour or so they were joined by moms and dads who escorted them home.

mom arrived and took my place for a better look. now you know how she’s an annoying know-it-all who never gets it right, but still lectures the earth and everybody walking on it. ok, she’s not always so impossible, but yeah. she pretty much is, you just have to skate over it.

well, while she was in the exact spot I was standing only mere seconds ago, one of the fluffy birdies decided to let go and smeared her head with – let’s call it an unusual, slimy hat. well done, little fellow.

– – –

changing topic, I’m almost done with Mary Wigham‘s first motif. here is a better look at the entire project.

charts, hand made thread-keep and nécessaire à broder, all by Sabine aka Oeil2cha
Mary is pretty big, see the basting lines?
I lost track of the TUSAL dates, still this is what I got this far.

I took some other pictures while in the garden, and I actually phoned my Memoms to tell her all about what just happened to her daughter. we had such a  laugh.

our dragon drainpipes on the gazebo.
see the fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth?
pretty funny, uh?

now, don’t forget the travelling bunny is willing to add another stamp to his passport, so please add a comment in THIS POST ONLY.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including the travelling bunny, BaBa, and my sis going to Southampton!

– – –

* in case you don’t get my silly jokes.


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