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Chapter fourteen – In the garden

previously on The grey tail: my mom got news from the sky she should reconsider a few things. I worked on Mary.

– – –

about a month ago my sis got news she received a scholarship to the University of Southampton. yay! 😀

the course she’s currently attending lasts 2 weeks, so she’ll be home in time for Memoms’ birthday in August. she also escaped the daily routine with Pablita, lucky bastard.

I don’t think she ever read anything I wrote, whether here or anywhere else. even so, she promised to stop by while away and keep track of what goes on here in Whacky Lane.





fun game: there are two pals in this picture, can you spot them?
dad’s tomatoes growing in our garden. he has a proper plot too, but there’s been too much rain over there this season, and these guys in our garden are growing much better.
I smell something.



where’s all this water going??
now, can we please play with the water hose??

and now, for all of you losing sleep cause they never saw BaBa playing live in the garden, there are videos on Instagram (under the account “nexthursday”) and recently Facebook! just look for “Taras BaBa“, and you’ll get a moment of his unproductive butterfly hunt. he got better, though. poor gals.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode, live from the Whacky Lane ;)


4 thoughts on “Chapter fourteen – In the garden

  1. You have such a beautiful garden! With this climate all I’ve been able to do is put a few plants on our balcony in pots. It’s been a battle this summer to keep them alive!


    1. you know, I like the chapter thing too. I might keep on doing it for a while. it surely works better than getting to write a neverending post twice a month trying to remember all that happened!
      the garden really isn’t that nice, I’d love to work on it properly with plants and flowers from I might even be able to do this next year! plus, BaBa loves flowers cause he can play with them and find all sorts of bugs. win win.


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