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Chapter fifteen – The aroma

previously on The grey tailmy sis left for Southampton. I’ve been overseeing the pillbox.

 – – –

Pablita started eating again. thank goodness. we tried to give her a little fruit cause she had been starving herself for quite a few days. it all ended up in food poisoning. what the heck.

basically, tortoises like sweet stuff, just like us. but, unlike us, they cannot process them so they have to evacuate the entire thing good as new. this resulted in crushed watermelon poo, which ominously looked like blood, so I took her to the vet and we had the poo testes.

no parasites, no blood, nothing nastier than the poo itself so we agreed on daily calcium injections, which by now as easy as pie for me.

here is a snap at the back to normal poo. she delivers at least six cargos like this every day during the warm hydrating baths. you wouldn’t believe the strong, earthly aroma.

the white dropping is piss, the rest is healthy greenish poo.
I’m telling you! there’s a lair of some sort in here!!


Taras in 🎮Tomb Raider🎮
a kid’s paddling pool someone gave us.
we found some good use to it.
too hot outside for the glorious afternoon naps,


don’t forget to enter a comment for the travelling pattern in THIS POST ONLY.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode where I’ll be actually writing something, I promise. ;)


2 thoughts on “Chapter fifteen – The aroma

  1. Glad the poo is back to normal! We had turtles – red-eared sliders, to be exact – and when they wintered inside in the 75 gallon tank, boy howdy would that water got to stink! Which I guess is why they live in moving rivers, huh? Tomb Raider – cute!


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